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GIRASOL flatstone

GIRASOL flatstone
GIRASOL flatstone
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GIRASOL is a type of Rock Crystal mainly found in Madagascar and it already makes this a valuable crystal. All crystals from Madagascar have stronger energy values than anywhere else in the world. Madagascar'senergy is not on par with other regions when it comes to spirituality.

Girasol has a milky translucent tone and can often be confused with regular Rock Crystal. Girasol has been formed as a result of the merging of Rock Crystal and water - water channels run in the earth's crust and have passed through the Rock Crystal site. Water turns Rock Crystal into Girasol.

The main feature of Girasol is to purify the Aura, just as a normal Rock Crystal does. Girasol has many of the characteristics of the Rock Crystal, but it also has its added value.


Flatstones can be used by anyone for a massage, without having to have a speciality. The massage can be done for yourself, a companion, etc.

Girasol massage can heal the whole body and the Aura Field. It is a universal healer, as is the Rock Crystal. Girasol massage is suitable for everyone and especially for those who feel that they need spiritual pampering.

Hold the Girasol massage crystals on your back and let yourself or the client rest. Girasol helps to relieve the burden that a person carries in his soul. After such rest, Girasols should definitely be cleaned, as these crystals absorb human tension, stress, fatigue and strain.

Girasol works mostly with the Crown Chakra and Throat Chakra, helping to revitalize and activate them.

Helps to get rid of constant feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, revives your energy reserves. Revives both emotional energy and physical energy.

Strengthens metabolism.


In meditation, two flat crystals are usually used together so that the crystal is held in both hands during meditation. They meditate in a cross-legged position, lying down or exactly what the desire is. To meditate, you always find a comfortable position, hold the crystals in your hand and let the soul rest with the crystals.

It is very easy to meditate with crystals, and this is because crystals do most of the work themselves. You just have to be in contact with the crystals and let them work for you.

Use the Girasol meditation crystal to heal your Aura, cleanse your senses and balance your whole spiritual body. Use Girasol for meditation if you want to harmonize your body and soul. A very suitable meditation crystal for those who want to feel the utmost peace.

Girasol is a crystal that helps the soul to develop successfully, to understand where to move in life and what still needs to be learned and changed. If you are looking for a crystal that will help guide you on the right course and develop you spiritually, then Girasol is just the right crystal.

Flat healing crystals are always kept inside a bag/box designed for healing crystals. If you do not have such a thing, I recommend that you create it so that the crystals retain their strength for as long as possible.

After therapy, the crystal is always cleansed with a ritual plant, incense or magic candle. Cleanse it with 
Jasmine incense or Palo Santo.
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