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WHITE HOWLITE is a white coloured or beige - white tinted crystal, with grey and black lines. White Howlite is one of the best healers of the soul, whose energy can help very thoroughly and very deeply. White Howlite is a highly valued therapy crystal due to its stress-relieving properties. White Howlite mainly originates from Canada and I recommend this crystal first and foremost to those who want to bring peace to their lives. White Howlite is not only a soothing crystal, but it can also free from fears and overthinking which a very large number of people have to face. If you are looking for a crystal that would help you to feel well, then White Howlite is definitely this crystal.

I like to use White Howlite crystal in various rituals and magic spells. White Howlite can very well be used in such magic processes where something needs to be alleviated or corrected. That's why you can often find White Howlite crystal in my rituals and magic spells.

White Howlite is painted, and then it becomes a  Blue Howlite, which can be found HERE. Often, the Blue Howlite is sold as Turquoise but the price of the Blue Howlite is much cheaper than the natural Turquoise price. By that, you can distinguish what kind of crystal it is. Blue Howlite has its own energy values and Turquoise its own.

Carry White Howlite crystal with you daily if you want to get rid of the anger that is directed toward someone else. If you feel anger over a deed caused by someone, then White Howlite helps to take this feeling out of you. Carry this crystal with you as long as you feel that you have become free from this feeling. If you are free, then to express appreciation take the crystal to nature. The crystals are given back to nature when they have finished their job with us.

White Howlite is a crystal that makes other energies milder, which is why it's useful to keep this crystal at home. Wherever the White Howlite is in your home, it helps to balance and heal the energy of your home. It is especially beneficial to keep White Howlite crystal together with Rock Crystal geode because these two crystals can be very effective in eliminating nervous energy from the home environment.

A very useful crystal for small children

White Howlite is suitable for keeping in a small child's room or next to the bed. White Howlite helps to keep the child spiritually healthy, helping to alleviate the child's stress, improve his sleep, and getting enough rest. White Howlite helps the child to be kind, calm, balanced and to feel good. White Howlite blocks the formation of anger and is especially useful for a child who is easily irritable and hostile.

Seeing your past and future through sleep

White Howlite is connected to the Crown Chakra and has the ability to open and heal it. White Howlite helps to open the channel through which you can experience very interesting and mysterious experiences through the sleep. This crystal helps you to go deep into your past through sleep and see your future. It is useful to keep this crystal under the bed, or if you have a set of crystals for the astral journey in the bedroom, then definitely add White Howlite to it. For the astral journey, it is also suitable to keep  PhosphosideriteGalaxite, for example, Chiastolite in the bedroom. Of course, there are more such crystals.

White Howlite is a healing crystal of the soul

White Howlite is a deep emotional healer with the ability to remove all the stress and uncomfortable energy collected from the human soul. White Howlite acts as a filter, which helps to free even the deepest troubled energy. White Howlite is able to go into subconsciousness with its own power and begin to heal there. It is very useful to wear White Howlite to heal internal problems. It is very useful to make water elixir from or wear it as jewellery if you want to get this energy from this crystal. Another possibility is to keep White Howlite in your home so that it can heal you while being there.

Crystal for the North direction of the home

White Howlite is a stress reliever and is ideally suited to the northern side of the home. North symbolizes human balance and harmony. Find a place for White Howlite in this direction so that it can heal your home energy. Even if you place a piece of White Howlite crystal there, it will bring harmony to your family and your home life. To put the crystals according to Feng Shui, create a set of crystals in every direction with the direction corresponding crystals. Another option is to collect those crystals on a plant. Plants forward the power of crystals very well. Keep White Howlite in the North direction when you feel that there is a lot of stress in the family, and when it's a very tense time. White Howlite helps to silence the energies of stress.

In the North-West direction of the home, White Howlite helps to bring clarity and peace to the relationship

White Howlite carries with it a metal element, which means that it improves the energy of the Northwest in your home. Find a place in this direction for White Howlite to bring peace, clarity and balance in your relationships. White Howlite will help you and people living with you to better get along with other people, helping to heal and improve external relations. White Howlite helps you to get along with your friends, co-workers and, in general, other people.

Water-elixir for peace, nervous system and balance

Make yourself White Howlite and Sodalite water-elixir, that would help you to heal spiritually. For that place both crystals into a jug, glass or a bottle with water. Drink this water during the day or even for a week so that the healing power of these crystals could work in your soul as much as possible. The joint power of Sodalite and White Howlite heals your nervous system, helping you to feel more peaceful, restoring your balance and giving you the possibility to feel good. Drink the elixir from these crystals exactly when you feel like you need something that could help to relieve your tension.


Wear White Howlite if you have any of the following problems::

- White Howlite heals and helps you to get rid of stress, overload, tension, nervousness. White Howlite helps to heal panic attacks and fears. White Howlite helps the overactive mind to become more silent, helping to get rid of overthinking and panic. This crystal helps to turn yourself off and silence your own emotions. 

- A useful crystal for dieting and healthy eating habits. White Howlite helps you devote more on your health and learn to eat healthier. In addition, White Howlite helps to suppress the constant need to eat and snack on something. 

- If you are suffering from sleep problems, you do not get enough sleep or have issues with falling asleep, then White Howlite can be the crystal that can help you with this problem. 

- White Howlite helps the overactive mind become silent, helping to get rid of overthinking and panic. It's a crystal that helps you turn yourself off and silence your own emotions. 

-The crystal which helps to absorb calcium and it is useful to wear when it is desired to heal bones and skeletons. 


White Howlite is a health and peace crystal for  GEMINI ♊. It’s a crystal that helps Gemini himself to notice when to rest, what to eat and what not to eat. White Howlite directs the Gemini to take care of himself. Gemini has this ability where they can take care of others and work endlessly. And in the middle of all of this, they can completely neglect themselves and one day simply collapse. Gemini has to learn to create balance in this life and White Howlite helps to do this.

White Howlite gives peace and rest for Gemini and helps them with anxiety. This crystal keeps them away from misfortune, problems and protects from being misled. Strengthens their Aura protection shield.

For VIRGO ♍ White Howlite has a very quick effect, he can accept the energy of this crystal into his Aura field really quickly. White Howlite is particularly useful for Virgos who by nature are very hasty, impulsive, impatient and who have too much excess energy that creates anxiety. White Howlite directs his energy into the right place, helps to use it in the right place and make the excessive energy into something useful. It’s useful for a Virgo to keep White Howlite in his home or carry it with him for peace.

It’s useful for Virgo and Gemini both to keep White Howlite in their birth crystal sets.


White Howlite is very useful for people who are born in the year of the Rabbit, or Cat. White Howlite helps the Rabbit to be more tolerant and teaches them that you can’t tell everything out loud to others. Rabbits are quite honest, but sometimes they may hurt people close to them with that honesty.

For the healing purposes, make water elixir, from White Howlite, wear this crystal or keep it nearby. Water elixirs are not made from uncut crystals, these crystals are only used in home healing therapies. 

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