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APATITE tumbled

APATITE tumbled
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APATITE in its mysterious ways helps to stimulate thinking and bring new and interesting ideas. This crystal is usually used in meditation, for better concentration, to strengthen the intuition and for better understanding of spiritual energies. Apatite is a strong power item for a psychic or a healer, helping to continuously walk the chosen path and preventing a return to a material life.

Apatite helps the person to achieve what he wants, helping to remove hesitation and increase concentration on a particular project or purpose. To do this, keep Apatite on the work desk or carry it with you. Apatite is a crystal for studies, especially successful for the sciences; therefore, it is an ideal crystal for kids that can be placed on their school desk. Apatite increases teamwork and understanding of one another, it is suitable to keep on the dining table for the family to get along better. In addition, placing it on the dining table, it helps to stop feeling hunger and to make healthier food choices. It also helps the picky eaters. Apatite is an intuition crystal, helping to focus on problems, bring visions in such a way that they would not go away before solving the problems.


Eating disorders, metabolism, helps to relax muscles and it is suitable for back and joint pain. Water elixir made from Apatite helps to form new cells in the body, accelerate the absorption of calcium and thus strengthen the skeleton. Apatite is kept on the eyes, when there is some eye disease, to accelerate its healing.


Overcoming communication problems – Combine Green Apatite with Onyx; carry them with you when there are problems with fear of communication and people.

Seeing the visions – Keep Apatite and Rock Crystal in your hands, close your eyes and ask yourself a question, then allow thoughts or visions to come to your mind. From there you will get the answers.

Recovery from a serious illness – Keep Green Apatite, Shungite, Brecciated Jasper  and Rock Crystalin the bedroom inside a white cloth to overcome emotional and physical pain in the body which has been caused by some serious illness. These crystals will help to move on with life, removing the fears that are caused by the disease. After healing, release the crystals back to the nature.

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