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BLOODSTONE is a wonderful greenish-reddish crystal that reminds us of Mother Earth and connects our minds with nature. Bloodstone by its mineral compounds is Jasper, which means it’s a variety of Jasper. Another name for Bloodstone is Heliotrope that’s also well-known. The greenish colour of Bloodstone symbolises something earthly, healing, ancient knowledge and cleansing. The reddish hue in the crystal symbolises blood, our origins, survival skills and the needed power to achieve this all. Bloodstone is a very strong physical and spiritual protector. 

Bloodstone is named after the Greek word"helios", which means sun and "trepein", which means to turn. To summarize, then the name of Bloodstone means the reflection of the Sun and this name was once given to Bloodstone as it reminded the colour play on the sea created by the Sun that created a reddish hue on the sea surface. From the beginning of times, Bloodstone is considered as a crystal that cleans energies and the body. That’s why it has been used as a body healer.

Bloodstone mostly comes from Australia, Czech Republic, Brazil, the USA, India, China and Russia. These are the countries where Bloodstone has been found the most, mined and also, today still available. Bloodstone has different varieties, for example, Bloodstone Seftonite and Dragon Bloodstone. The reddish spots in Bloodstone generally come from the Red Jasper, but, from time to time, these spots could be caused by other minerals. There are many different crystals together on Earth as they create themselves from each other and therefore this kind of mixing of minerals is possible. 

In one moment when Bloodstone fascinate you and an unexplainable connection with this crystal was formed, then it was a clear sign that Bloodstone has a lot to offer you or it has the power to make corrections in you. 

Bloodstone can restore your energy, let it be emotional or physical. Bloodstone helps to cope with life, helps to overcome and sustain the worst periods of life. Bloodstone increases our overall emotional resistance, giving us the ability to work on problems. To get the full effect from this crystal, you need to carry it with you.

Bloodstone is taken to the Eastern Quarter rooms of the house as this is where the health corner is situated according to Feng Shui. Bloodstone in the Eastern Quarter improves the overall health of the family, and is especially useful when someone in the household is ill. By taking the crystal there it will help the illness to leave the house by replacing it with positive Aura. Remember, the energy of our home affects our health.

Carry Bloodstone with you when you travel (you can add it to the travel set with other travel crystals like Agate, Hawk’s Eye, Malachite), to protect you or your family from dangerous situations.

For me, Bloodstone is one of the most needed crystals for predicting the future or for the “positive chiding” of a client. As Bloodstone has the ability to launch a spiritual person’s words, then I use this crystal for helping others. When I see a problem, especially something related to health, then I send my positive thoughts on their way through Bloodstone for you to become healthy. It’s enough to have Bloodstone next to a black candle when I read the Aether body of my client.

Besides protective and healing properties, Bloodstone can strengthen analytical skills and therefore it makes it into a very good crystal for learning, being more successful at work and launching projects. Also, because Bloodstone is considered to be the symbol of wealth achieved through your own efforts. Therefore carry this crystal with you or place it on the window sill when you begin with a project and wish to finish it successfully.

Bloodstone is strongly linked to prosperous energies and it helps to open up the creative mind that helps to bring very good and successful thoughts. Bloodstone improves and makes thoughts related to the material side of life more successful. This won’t create greed nor ego-based activities, but, on the contrary, it helps to become successful through the right steps and activities. Keep this crystal among your prosperity or work success crystals or carry it as jewellery so it could help you like this.

Bloodstone improves resistance, will-power and confidence, this makes it very similar to Tiger’s Eye and Bronzite. When you feel like these three things are important for you, then start using them together.

In addition to this, Bloodstone helps you to face your ordeals, helping you to overcome what has been insurmountable so far or, even, scary. Bloodstone helps to find good and successful solutions in difficult situations, helping to bring visions and ideas into your thoughts. Bloodstone teaches you how to face ordeals and difficulties in life and to notice the key places that would help you to move forward.

The energy of Bloodstone offers you a very strong support to make the right steps and in making right decisions. Bloodstone helps you to see further into your life and today make the steps that can bring you better opportunities in the future. This crystal helps you to see the bigger picture about your own life and, in general, improves the success of your spiritual path.

Bloodstone won’t allow you to feel fear when you have to make the right step or decision. Bloodstone helps you to stand above your fear and, therefore at the same time, it grows your character. 


Bloodstone is considered to be a crystal that helps to protect from bullying, unjust behaviour and injustice. To get the power of this crystal you need to carry it with you, in a tumbled form or as a piece of jewellery.

When you’re absent-minded and can’t find yourself

Bloodstone is an extremely strong spiritual balancer that helps you to find yourself. Lack of spiritual balance derives from a long term tension and you need to come out of it quickly, so it wouldn’t get more serious. When it gets more serious, you’ll start to feel tired, confused and exhausted. Carrying the crystal with you would be enough in that case.

Gifted before leaving this life

Bloodstone is gifted to people who are gravely ill or heading towards a new life. Bloodstone helps to transform from one body to another and relieves the tensions of the road. Bloodstone removes the fear of the other side and allows the person to leave peacefully. Bloodstone gives strength for new tasks life has to offer.

Combining with other crystals

"Relieves bad physical feeling" Bloodstone and Moss Agate 

Crystal water made from Bloodstone and Moss Agate heal the health problems in the emotional body in a universal level, helping negativity, heavy emotions and tensions to be freed from the Chakra or from the organ that makes itself knows with an ill-feeling. Too heavy a burden makes our bodies ache and feel bad. Crystal water from these two crystals helps to let go of an ill-feeling.

Prepare your own crystal water to get the energies from these crystals. For that, place tumbled crystals in a water jug or a glass and keep them there for 20 minutes before drinking the water. For crystals to transfer their energies into the water.

For colds

Combine Bloodstone Chrysocolla and Brecciated Jasper. Find a dark green bag for these crystals and keep them with Juniper berries under your pillow when you rest. After recovering from the illness, throw the Juniper berries away and clean the healing crystals carefully with a running water. After that you can take the crystal to the room in the Eastern quarter and clean them as the healing crystals for the family. Later you can use them for the same purpose.


Bloodstone with Green Tourmaline creates an extremely powerful connection with nature. When you carry these crystals, you can get glues directly from plants and, thanks to these crystals, you can also direct your thoughts to plants. Carry them with you when you take care of your plants. Very useful for people who grow plants for alternative medicine or make healing products from them.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, make a water elixir of tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Bloodstone is linked to blood, like the name hints. Bloodstone has the ability to heal blood, that is, it helps the body to clean the blood from toxins and different substances that should not be in the blood on its own. By carrying Bloodstone as jewellery, meditating with it, making crystal therapy or making water-elixir from it is a good way to get it's healing powers.

- Bloodstone quickens blood circulation and through that helps the heart to function better. Bloodstone is a good alternative therapy crystal for thick blood and blood clots. It also helps to balance blood pressure.

- I recommend using this crystal for healing for people who suffer from anaemia or have a risk for anaemia. Bloodstone helps haemoglobin levels to increase and increase appetite for plants that have a lot of iron and vitamin C in them. Therefore this crystal has an effect on intuitive eating that is a very good ability for a spiritual person.

- Crystal with the power to control the bladder. Who has problems with incontinence, inflammatory bladder or pains from the bladder, then using Bloodstone for a longer period could give bladder the much needed healing. In that case, it’s very useful to drink crystal elixir.

- Bloodstone makes the immune system stronger and more resilient. The stronger your immune system is, the less you need to face illnesses. Bloodstone helps to heal chronic diseases, keep colds away or quicken their healing process. Bloodstone suits for everyone to improve their immune system.

- It’s important to carry Bloodstone during pregnancy for women whose health has not been that good or whose pregnancy has been difficult. Bloodstone helps the kid to be healthy, helping necessary nutrients to reach the child and protect his health from different dangers. I recommend to carry Bloodstone until the end of pregnancy, so the child would be protected also during the pregnancy.


Bloodstone has the strongest effect on the Heart Chakra and is most useful when you’re already dealing with physical problems and health troubles. Bloodstone helps to heal the Heart Chakra and heart diseases. 

Bloodstone helps to release blockages from the Heart Chakra on the spiritual level that won’t let you feel love. A lot of people are fighting with feelings in them that are linked to the fact that they are not able to love. Even when there is a person who truly from the heart loves him, he could feel that love is not existing in the heart of the other person. Bloodstone helps to heal the Heart Chakra channel and release the energy that creates the lack of love. That’s why it’s very important to wear Bloodstone above the heart for a while to get rid of that problem. This is a problem that ruins the relationship and the way other person feels.


Bloodstone has the strongest effect on the health of ARIES and SCORPIO. Besides that, Bloodstone is the lucky charm for people born in the year of the dragon. Bloodstone can bring wealth, material success and luck into the life of a PISCES and, at the same time, protects his health from illnesses.

Bloodstone is Scorpio's universal healer, which strengthens his immune system. A Scorpio who wants to heal himself and make himself feel better should use Bloodstone. This crystal brings prosperity to Scorpio, leading him to better choices. Brings him prosperity, wealth, professional success and overall good luck. Helps him make professional and work-related decisions and ensure worldly wealth.


Bloodstone is the crystal of prosperity and wealth for people born in the Pig year, that carries the power that favours financial luck. By wearing this crystal or keeping it at home, it will help people born in the Pig year to attract really good material possibilities. Bloodstone increases the energy of wealth, bringing the person good chances to earn money, improve financial stand and good ideas on how to live more abundantly. Every person born in the Pig year could have a Bloodstone crystal in his life and this definitely goes well with his birth crystals.
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