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FUCHSITE tumbled

FUCHSITE tumbled
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FUCHSITE is a very beautiful green crystal with a glittering tone in green. Fuchsite is mainly found in Brazil, this is also where our crystals come from. Fuchsite is a variety of Muscovite, and if you know what Muscovite is, this crystal also has a sparkling texture. 

Fuchsite is a crystal of the Heart Chakra, which means that most of its energy-based effects go directly to healing and balancing your soul. In addition, it relieves your emotional tension. 

Professionally, Fuchsite is suitable as a crystal for their success, whose job is to take care of people. If you are a social worker, you work in a care home, you are a teacher, a nurse, a doctor or a psychologist, then the crystal of your success is Fuchsite. Firstly, it helps to activate the growth of prosperous energy and secondly, it helps to reduce work-related stress. Fuchsite helps to take care of others without getting sick.

Fuchsite has an effect that helps to calm down from the moment. For example, if you hold Fuchsite crystal in your hand, wear it, or even glance at it for a while, it will automatically calm you down. Peace is one of the main issues that people pursue because it is not easy to achieve. I recommend filling your life with soothing crystals, they help you reach this stage. 

Fuchsite connects you to the universe, helping you better understand what life really means, why people are here on Earth, what is the purpose of life here, and what is the meaning of your personal life. Fuchsite broadens your perspective, helping you to understand more clearly everything around you, and it draws attention to everything that is important. Keep Fuchsite crystal in your home so that your development can take place continuously or carry it with you if you want to experience even more rapid development.

Keep Fuchsite home in the East to bring positive energy for family health. Fuchsia can be stored with crystals that are delivered for the same purpose, for example, that you have previously brought to the East to promote health. Fuchsite can be placed on an Aloe plant so Aloe would bring protection to the house from various diseases.

This crystal helps you to make contact with your soulmate, connect your paths and make love more passionate. It is a powerful opener of the Thymus Chakra.

Good sleep crystal

Fuchsite is one of the crystals that belong to the "good sleep" crystals, helping to alleviate sleep disorders. Fuchsite promotes sleep, helping to eliminate anxiety. Fuchsite needs to be stored in the bedroom and can be combined with other "good sleep" crystals to bring even greater crystal power to your bedroom. Very well suited with SeleniteMoonstoneLepidolite etc.

A friend of plants

I use crystals to heal my plants and give them extra strength to bear fruit or be strong. Fuchsite is one of the crystals that can be used as a healing elixir in your garden or in house-plants. Keep Fuchsite in your flowerpot, between the roots of the orchids or under the leaves of the outdoor plants so that it can start its wonderful work there. As a healing elixir, it is not made into the water, but by watering the plant, Fuchsite passes on its healing properties. Fuchsite helps plants to grow strong and is especially useful for plants that you later want to bring to the table or make tea. Fuchsite gives herbs an even stronger power to heal humans or the environment. Fuchsite is also kept with ornamental plants so that they carry more powerful flowers or so that the leaves are as lush as possible. Anyway, a crystal for plant and garden lovers, which I recommend adding to plants in a rough form.

A crystal of learning

Fuchsite helps to focus on a specific topic and makes this crystal a good helper for better learning. It can be kept on the school desk or on your own desk to inspire, increase creativity, help focus and come up with brilliant ideas. Fuchsite can also be kept together with other helpers of learning, such as Green FluoriteApatite of Apophyllite.

An activator of prosperous crystals and an attractive source of energy for money

In addition to all the other wonderful effects of Fuchsite, it is also one of the crystals of prosperity. The prosperous properties of Fuchsite become active when it is combined with another crystal that attracts prosperity, money, luck, or earthly luck. Knowing this, it is useful for you to add Fuchsite crystals to your prosperous crystals. What is Fuchsite doing there? It makes all the other crystals of prosperity more active, helping to make their lucky energies more powerful and bring more overall luck to your life. With prosperity crystal Fuchsite works as Rock Crystal, which can be combined with all the crystals to make other crystals more powerful. 

Fuchsite is best combined with a prosperity crystal set which contains ChrysopraseEpidote and Malachite. In Fuchsite, the energy of attracting money luck becomes active by coexisting with them. It is a type of crystal that is useful from time to time in prosperity sets or corners of prosperity (South-eastern and Eastern quarters) to enhance the existing altar of prosperity. 

Gold Obsidian and Fuchsite are helping to address these concerns

Gold Obsidian helps to find solutions to concerns and Fuchsite has the ability to open the eyes in the right places. The collaboration of both crystals is powerful, and combining the two will open your mind at every level, wherever you need it. Keep Gold Obsidian with Fuchsite, carry them with you, or keep them inside the bag with your photo so they can help you. These two crystals will help you solve problems so that you can understand the beginning, cause, meaning, lessons, outcome, and how to solve it all. Every problem comes to teach a person in life. Gold Obsidian helps you find a solution to the problem, Fuchsite helps you to see everything clearly.


For quick healing wear this crystal as a piece of jewellery or make massage crystal masasge. In addition, you can place the crystal to the East quarter of your home where the healing corner of the home is - East symbolises health. 

Fuchsite is a crystal from which water elixirs are not made because it contains a small amount of metal.

- Heart disease, heart weakness, heart muscles, heart nerves, constant palpitations, an anxiety disorder. Shortness of breath due to nerves. Sleep disturbances and malaise caused by constant reflection.
This crystal is a healer of healers, which means that it helps you keep and maintain your energy while you heal another person.

- It is useful to keep Fuchsite in every household. It helps to release the misfortune above health. There are certain homes, rooms and environments where people get sick very easily. If there are constant waves of illness and health problems in your home, bring Fuchsite to your home. The best place for this crystal is the Eastern quarter, where the health and prosperity canal is located.


It heals the Heart Chakra by helping to remove blockages and is especially useful for those who already have serious health problems. All disorders of the Heart Chakra are related to the heart and lungs. Fuchsite primarily heals the heart.

Fuchsite also helps to get rid of the feeling of loneliness and hopelessness associated with relationships and love. If you are frustrated and want a new breath that will help you find a new relationship or restore faith in love, then Fuchsite is the best healer of the Heart Chakra. Fuchsite helps to strengthen the emotional body.


Among zodiac signs, Fuchsite brings the joy of life to  AQUARIANS. As a prosperity crystal, it’s very useful to PISCES and SAGITTARIUS.

When Sagittarius brings Fuchsite into his work life, it activates the energy of prosperity and brings only the best opportunities for professional self-realization to the Sagittarius. It brings good luck to Sagittarius and he should definitely keep this crystal alive.

Crystals directly in contact with your skin should be charged on geodes.

From time to time I recommend cleansing Fuchsite with  Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant smoke Sage or Eucalyptus essential oil

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals from HERE.

Info Fuchsite chemical formula K(Al,Cr)3Si3O10(OH)2
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