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LEMURIAN JADE is a very beautiful blackish crystal that is mainly black but with silvery and lighter spots. Lemurian Jade consists of Jade, Quartz amd Pyrite. Quartz and Pyrite create the shinier and brighter parts of the Lemurian Jade. The black in crystal comes from the black Jade. Lemurian Jade is also called a midnight Jade for its looks that is very mystical and imitates the midnight sky. Lemurian Jade was discovered only in the 1990s from Peru and it’s energetic qualities are yet to be sensed. Which does not mean that Lemurian Jade is a brand new crystal. It’s still thousands or even hundreds of thousands old creation by Earth.

Lemurian Jade, like Jades in general, is a very strong protection crystal. It has the ability to make fate better, helping to protect from problems and accidents not written in fate. Lemurian Jade helps to warn from the approaching danger, strengthening intuition and the gut feeling of sensing dangers. This crystal helps to heal almost any kind of irreparable emotions, that is that Lemurian Jade is one of the best problem healers. Lemurian Jade can heal very deep inner problems by helping to let go of the past that won’t let move forward in life.

Lemurian Jade connects a person with nature, helping to see, understand and sense the gifts from Earth with respect. Lemurian Jade helps to connect with the crystal world, plants, animals and with every other natural elements.

Lemurian Jade increases gratitude, helping to feel gratitude for everything life has gifted, like good health, etc.


Lemurian Jade helps to teach to both men and women that there is no difference in being a man or a women, both have the right for freedom of speech, making decisions and having respect. Lemurian Jade helps to see women in a light that they should not be less valuable than men. Women need to be just as respected as men and their opinion has to be as important. Today, all over the world, there is a very big gap between men and women, where men have more rights than women. Lemurian Jade helps to balance the human mind about men and women, helping to teach to the soul that both have a right to live, decide, for their own opinion and both need to be respected. Lemurian Jade helps women to be stronger and teaches the man to respect a woman.

It’s useful to keep Lemurian Jade at home with young boys so that they would grow up respecting women and taking care of them. This crystal makes men more loving and teaches women that men should not treat women badly.

Stepping out of a vicious cycle

Lemurian Jade is a very big helper crystal for a person who is gotten into a vicious cycle with one or another thing. Vicious cycle is when your life stands still, the same negative situations keep coming up and life seems to be going down hill. Lemurian Jade helps to step out from the vicious cycle and to find the right path again, where life only goes on the positive direction. Vicious cycles are, for example, constant money problems, constant fighting with family members, alcoholism and other very negative activities that don’t want to leave from your life. Lemurian Jade helps you to see what you’re doing wrong in life so that you can’t get out of it, and it teaches you to solve the things that would allow this to leave your life.

Protecting the environment, improving the world and preserving nature

Lemurian Jade teaches the person how to be on this Earth by respecting this home with your life style. Which means that this is a crystal that teaches to take care of, respect and heal Earth. Lemurian Jade opens the eyes, helping to understand what we are leaving behind into this world with our life style, how we pollute and hurt it. Lemurian Jade opens the human soul, helping to make it more aware and loving towards our home, Earth. If you already are there respecting and saving the world, then Lemurian Jade helps to support that journey even more powerfully. It’s useful to keep Lemurian Jade at home as it teaches every family member that you have take care and respect the environment we live in, helping everyone to take care of the home better and, in general, to heal the mind of every family members towards preserving the nature. Lemurian Jade teaches that you need to consume the right things and things that are useless, harmful to nature or even to the human body should not be consumed. Lemurian Jade directs the soul back towards the nature, helping to get into contact with it and sensing it in a much finer level.

Lemurian Jade goes very well with Kambaba Jasper, as these two crystals help to achieve a better and healthier life style. When you put Lemurian Jade and Kambada Jasper together, keep them together in you home or wear them, then they will help you to move towards a healthier life. Lemurian Jade and Kambada Jasper help to move towards veganism and to understand how cruel and inhumane is meat and consuming animal products. 

Harassment, difficult past, trauma, suicidal thoughts and sad fate

Lemurian Jade is one very necessary crystal for a person whose past by fate has been full of very difficult ordeals like harassments, sexual abuse or any other situation that made him very sad and made living hard.

Lemurian Jade helps to let go of trauma that eats up the soul, that as a ghost appears into visions and won’t let to move forward in life. Lemurian Jade is particularly useful for a person who has been sexually abused or has witnessed someone's death. When things like this have happened in life, then it’s worth having Lemurian Jade in life for a very long time and, perhaps, to bring more of it into your life in great quantities. It would be good to keep Lemurian Jade in life when dreadful and ugly visions of past come to tease you. Lemurian Jade gradually releases these negative emotions, memories and heals the past.

Lemurian Jade with Nuumite crystal helps to get rid of suicidal thoughts. Keep these two crystals together in a black bag  and carry them when you wish to get rid of suicidal thoughts. You can keep Lemurian Jade and Nuumite near your bed so that they could heal you at night. Release the crystal into the nature when the suicidal thoughts are gone. 

Freedom from harmful relationships and habits

Lemurian Jade releases you from the shackles that are harmful for you. For example, the crystal helps to let go of a relationship that in reality harms you and won’t let you be happy. Lemurian Jade is really useful in getting rid of addiction and works extremely well with Amethyst for fighting against alcoholism or Dalmatian Jasper in giving up smoking.


- Lemurian Jade has the ability to strengthen nervous system and to heal it, therefore it’s the perfect crystal for healing different nerve diseases. With nerve diseases it would be good to keep Lemurian Jade with you in hard times to meditate with it or keep your photo on it to do yourself a long distance crystal therapy.

- Crystal with the ability to heal the physical and mental body of a person from a very difficult illness. When you have suffered from a very serious illness, then keep Lemurian jade in your life for as long as you have recovered from it.

- Makes immunity strong and helps to find balance in diet. Lemurian Jade causes appetite towards plant based foods and blocks hunger for animal food. Lemurian Jade favours veganism and helps to open eyes so that they could switch to plant based diet.

- Lemurian Jade helps to prevent miscarriage and dangers related to pregnancy. For example, when you are pregnant and under a risk, then Lemurian Jade should be by your side daily. This helps to keep the baby alive, when fate allows the child to be born. In addition to Lemurian Jade Red Jasper is also very useful for a problem like this.

HEART CHAKRA is the fourth Chakra in us. Lemurian Jade helps to heal the Heart Chakra in a very fine level, helping to heal from very strong traumas that disturb the work of the Heart Chakra. Lemurian Jade teaches to trust again, to accept people, love yourself and stand up for yourself.

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