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RED AGATE tumbled

RED AGATE tumbled
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RED AGATE carries vitality, energy, fertility and home protective abilities in itself. Red Agate comes mainly from Mexico.

Red Agate is one type of Agate that’s naturally red. It characteristically has stripes in it and the parts that are red have lighter, almost white lines. Red Agate symbolises motivation, passion and the fulfilment of your goals. It’s an intense crystal that could help you to reach goals faster when you use it all the time and properly.

Red Agate is very strong and it would be good to wear this crystal to make energies more intense. When you use this crystal in one way or another, it helps to move everything in you. For example, make your wishes and dreams come true. But this crystal also has the ability to release unpleasant energies you carry with yourself and which doesn’t want to leave your life. 

Red Agate is kept by red candles when you want to do love magic or fertility rituals.

Added as extra power to love crystals or fertility sets. Red Agate amplifies the effect of this crystal, like Rock Crystals, but Red Agate adds even more power.

Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui Red Agate brings positive energy to the Southern quarter of the home, helping to bring love, passion and vitality to the house.


Red Agate is kept in the car to protect the motor from different breakdowns and problems.

Protection shield

Red Agate is used for home protection when one Red Agate is hidden to every outer corner the house has so the crystals create a crystal grid over the house. Red Agate grid protects the whole house from burglary and fires (you can also add Carnelian or Botswana Agate to Red Agate for the same purpose). When generally other crystals are hidden to the foundation or as close to the first-floor floor, then Red Agate is hidden under the ceiling of the first floor or higher than the ground. The crystals should definitely be hidden and stay in the house. Hidden crystals will be cleansed when you do cleansing rituals in your home or apartment with incenses, ritual plants or candles.


Red Agate is kept close when one wants to find work or leave a better impression at a job interview. Can be worn with Chrysoprase or Tiger’s Eye for the same purpose.

A ritual on the Last Quarter of the Moon to release energy that causes misfortune

During the Last Quarter of the Moon make yourself a water elixir and cleanse yourself with essential oil as it helps to free you from all that’s uncomfortable in your life. Choose Red Agate for the water elixir crystal and Carrot oil for the essential oil.

Add one or more Red Agate crystals to the water jug, fill it with water and let these crystals be there for at least half an hour. When the water is prepared, mix one tablespoon of Avocado oil with four drops of Carrot essential oil. When the mixture of oils is done, then put this oil to your skin and especially on the chest, arms and neck. Let this oil be absorbed. When half an hour has passed, drink the water. During the Last Quarter of the Moon drink as much as possible of this crystal elixir. When you drink it, focus on all that’s not good, causes misfortune and creates obstacles leaving your life. By drinking this crystal elixir, the power from Red Agate helps you and Carrot essential oil helps to release all that disturbs you through the Heart Chakra. You can repeat this ritual monthly. 


- It’s good to wear Red Agate in spring when energy is about to run out and you’re suffering from spring fatigue. Red Agate helps to restore your energy resources and make you physically more active. In addition to Red Agate, start using Mandarin or Orange essential oil, which can also charge you.

- Red Agate increases vitality and makes you more energetic. People who are not physically active should wear Red Agate. In addition, this crystal is good for people who have low blood pressure. Red Agate helps to avoid tiredness the low blood pressure can cause.

- Red Agate is used for healing the kidneys and is especially useful for removing kidney stones.

- Red Agate helps with heartburn.


Red Agate is a crystal that connects your second Chakra that is Sacral Chakra and fourth Chakra that is the Heart Chakra. By using Red Agate or carrying it with you it helps these two Chakras to work together. When these Chakras work together then you can love your work, profession and talent. You can work with enjoyment and content. In addition, Red Agate can open the closed heart Chakra for love. Suitable for people who can’t love their job and are closed off for love.

Charge only crystal directly in contact with your skin on geodes.

You can charge Red Agate on a Citrine geode or by its side when you’re not wearing it. Clean it at least once a month with Sandalwood incense

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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