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WHITE HOWLITE pendant owl (metal)

WHITE HOWLITE pendant owl (metal)
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  • Model: VALGE HAULIIT ripats öökull (metall)

WHITE HOWLITE is a white coloured or beige - white tinted crystal, with grey and black lines. White Howlite is one of the best healers of the soul, whose energy can help very thoroughly and very deeply. White Howlite is a highly valued therapy crystal due to its stress-relieving properties. White Howlite mainly originates from Canada and I recommend this crystal first and foremost to those who want to bring peace to their lives. White Howlite is not only a soothing crystal, but it can also free from fears and overthinking which a very large number of people have to face. If you are looking for a crystal that would help you to feel well, then White Howlite is definitely this crystal.

OWL symbolises protection, a guardian, connection with the other side and it’s believed that the owl has always been the guardian of the other side and the one who opens the path. Owl symbol is a powerful protective talisman that protects from accidents and misfortune.


White Howlite owl protects against stress and sadness. A powerful talisman that directs its protective energies forward. White Howlite owl helps to create mental balance and strengthen the emotional body.

Wearing White Howlite on a Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

- White Howlite calms, relieves stress, increases feeling peace, helps to ground nervousness and is also useful for people who are constantly tense and can’t control their nervousness. White Howlite is also a crystal for a good sleep when you wear it the whole day long, then it brings a good sleep at night, but for that, before you need to carry this crystal in your Aura for a few weeks, if not even a month before it can start to have an effect on you, but foremost it needs to release the negativity and nervousness in the Aura that prevents you from falling asleep. 

- White Howlite is a crystal that helps to heal and recover the human soul, helping with its supportive energy to improve everything that has emotional wounds. White Howlite acts as a patch under which the wound can heal properly. When wearing White Howlite, it heals the places in the souls of the human being that are allowing the bad spirits to reach the soul. 

- White Howlite is a deep emotional healer with the ability to remove all the stress and discomfort energy collected in the human soul. White Howlite acts as a filter to help you to free up the most deeply troublesome energy. White Howlite is able to go into subconsciousness with its own power and begin to heal there. It is very useful to wear White Howlite to heal internal problems.

- White Howlite helps you to move towards your life goal at a steady pace, helping you to analyse every next step in your life so that you couldn’t make any bigger mistakes. This not only takes away the risks but helps you to think things through more and listen to the voice of your intuition in making harder decisions. White Howlite is a supportive crystal for allowing intuition crystals to do a better job.

- Grounds the overly critical mind, helps to get rid of the constant fighting and disparagement- This goes both for the criticism towards others and towards yourself. Wearing White Howlite makes the person more tolerant of everything.

- White Howlite relieves anger, anger emerging and very deep anger towards someone specific. It’s doesn’t have to be direct anger but could also be the feeling of bitterness or deep disappointment what White Howlite can release from the Aura of who carries it. This is all good for the person to keep living and letting go of the past. 

- White Howlite favours forgiveness and this, firstly, to yourself. This means that when something bad has happened in the life of the person, then White Howlite helps to let go of it so that you stop thinking about it and wouldn’t take it along with you to the future.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

- White Howlite heals and helps you to get rid of stress, overload, tension, nervousness. White Howlite helps to heal panic attacks and fears. White Howlite helps the overactive mind to become more silent, helping to get rid of overthinking and panic. This crystal helps to turn yourself off and silence your own emotions.

- A useful crystal for dieting and healthy eating habits. White Howlite helps you devote more to your health and learn to eat healthier. In addition, White Howlite helps to suppress the constant need to eat and snack on something.

- If you are suffering from sleep problems, you do not get enough sleep or have issues with falling asleep, then White Howlite can be the crystal that can help you with this problem.

- White Howlite helps the overactive mind to become more silent, helping to get rid of overthinking and panic. It's a crystal that helps you turn yourself off and silence your own emotions.

- The crystal helps to absorb calcium and it is useful to wear when it is desired to heal bones and skeletons. 


White Howlite successfully works with the Crown Chakra and is a very useful crystal for channelling. White Howlite helps to experience out-of-body experiences and visions. It’s very useful to carry White Howlite for seeing again the places that are unknown to you and to travel back and forth in time in your sleep.


White Howlite is a healthy and peaceful crystal for  GEMINI ♊. It’s a crystal that helps Gemini himself to notice when to rest, what to eat and what not to eat. White Howlite directs the Gemini to take care of himself. Gemini has this ability where they can take care of others and work endlessly. And in the middle of all of this, they can completely neglect themselves and one day simply collapse. Gemini has to learn to create balance in this life and White Howlite helps to do this.

White Howlite gives peace and rest to Gemini and helps them with anxiety. This crystal keeps them away from misfortune, problems and protects them from being misled. Strengthens their Aura protection shield.

For VIRGO ♍ White Howlite has a very quick effect, he can accept the energy of this crystal into his Aura field really quickly. White Howlite is particularly useful for Virgos who by nature are very hasty, impulsive, impatient and who have too much excess energy that creates anxiety. White Howlite directs his energy into the right place, helps to use it in the right place and make the excessive energy into something useful. It’s useful for a Virgo to keep White Howlite in his home or carry it with him for peace.


White Howlite is very useful for people who are born in the year of the Rabbit, or Cat. White Howlite helps the Rabbit to be more tolerant and teaches them that you can’t tell everything out loud to others. Rabbits are quite honest, but sometimes they may hurt people close to them with that honesty.

I recommend charging White Howlite with Rock Crystal or Celestite geode peal or clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
Size ca 2x1,4x1 cm. The product doesn't include any band or chain.
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