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PICTURE JASPER with a hole flower

PICTURE JASPER with a hole flower
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PICTURE JASPER is a variegated crystal, the main shades of which are beige and brown. Picture Jasper often resembles a landscape and sand dunes. This crystal has a long history as a protective crystal and has been used for a long time to protect it from destructive weather conditions. Picture Jasper was carried at sea so that the storm would not break the man and when travelling in the rainforests to protect from insidious nature.

Picture Jasper is a crystal with an extremely calm energy wave that can be used to relieve tension or other energy. It has a very long history in mysticism and has been used as a magical item in ancient Egypt. Picture Jasper was worn from childhood to protect from evil spirits.


The flower symbol symbolizes freedom, creativity, vitality and inspiration. When the symbol of a flower is combined with different crystals, such energies are released in this crystal. Thus, the flower symbol adds value to the crystal. When it is combined with the crystal of Picture Jasper, above all, this crystal directs creative inspiration to the wearer of this talisman and it helps to release creative blockages. The Picture Jasper flower talisman releases closed energies that do not allow its wearer to express itself freely, helping creativity and imagination to come to life and express it.

"For a child" - The Picture Jasper flower talisman is very useful for the child. It helps the child to express himself better and it is one of the talismans that helps to preserve the child's childhood. Helping the fantasy world stay, not disappear in time. This in turn helps the child to have a vivid mind, which in turn helps to preserve and strengthen intuition. The Picture Jasper flower talisman helps to prevent the effect that occurs when a child goes to school, starts living under a certain system and loses contact with himself in the process. This talisman helps to keep the child in contact with himself, learning to always listen to his soul.

Wearing Picture Jasper on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

- Brings business success, professional success, gives additional luck to making transactions, increases the opportunity for material success. Use Picture Jasper if you feel that you need extra strength to complete a project or achieve a fruitful end result. This is a lucky crystal, and when worn with other material crystals, such as Pyrite, the prosperous properties of these crystals unfold even more powerfully.

- This is a crystal that activates business luck, wealth, prosperity and cash flow. Bring this crystal into your life if you want to awaken economic prosperity in your life. Picture Jasper brings good ideas on how to create wealth in your life. It makes you work, act and inspires you to create something successful. Picture Jasper is a crystal of luck, with which you have the opportunity to bring the energy of wealth into your life.

- Picture Jasper brings support at a time when fear has taken over you. It relieves the feeling of fear, helps you to think with a sober head and to overcome the fears within you. This crystal with its energy offers you protection and emotional support.

- Picture Jasper helps you to see the big picture or to understand life from different sides. It supports spiritual development by helping to broaden your horizons. It makes you curious about life and increases your own desire to understand the world better.

- Picture Jasper has the ability to make the idea inside you flourish. When you carry it with you or keep it between the walls of your home, it gives you energy, strength and the desire to make your ideas physical. If you feel that you have a lot of ideas, but you lack motivation or courage, then you have found the right crystal. Picture Jasper is a great helper in this case!

- This crystal is a great crystal of self-realization, with which it is possible to improve one's skills, improve one's talent and bring out one's talent. It opens you up to using, expressing and exercising your personal power. Find a place in your life, and it will gradually guide you to express your talent and show it to others. It inspires you to develop it further and find ways to make it useful. As Picture Jasper is a crystal of prosperity, cash flow and business luck, it will help you turn your talent into work.

- I recommend wearing and using Picture Jasper crystal for those who live abroad. This crystal helps people working and living abroad to bring good luck by helping to protect against a failed job and choice of residence. It also helps to bring good luck in a relationship with a person who is a foreigner. Especially when combined with a Rose Quartz crystal.

- I recommend wearing and using Picture Jasper for those who are pregnant or who want to become pregnant. It helps a pregnant woman to be happy, enjoy pregnancy and soon become a mother. Picture Jasper absorbs the sadness, stress, tension and overload of the expectant woman. When worn and used throughout pregnancy, this crystal will help protect your baby from anxiety problems, giving him or her the opportunity to be born here without peace and with a balanced Aura.

- Picture Jasper activates the creative flow, which in turn brings inspiration and motivation. An ideal crystal for those who need to use creativity in their work. Picture Jasper helps you see visions of what you are supposed to create, helping to make your visions physical.

- Picture Jasper brings work success and fulfillment of ambitions.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, prepare a water elixir of tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Picture Jasper is a fertility crystal when you wear it together with Red Jasper or Red Aventurine

- Picture Jasper guides you to quit smoking, helping to understand why such activities are bad and do not deserve your attention. It helps you make a smooth transition to a healthier lifestyle by helping you make wise choices for your body and soul. Smoky Quartz has a similar power. If you definitely want to reach a very fast and good end result, then it is wise to use these crystals together or wear them as jewellery, for example.

- Picture Jasper helps to get out of severe traumas and is one of the crystals that helps to recover after the operation. It is wise to carry Picture Jasper with you or keep it close to you throughout the healing and recovery period. This crystal blocks complications and injects joy of life and strength, which are crucial for healing. Picture Jasper helps to overcome long-term hospital stays, helping to increase vitality and return to a normal rhythm of life.

- Picture Jasper helps minerals reach the body faster and absorb vitamins more.

- Picture Jasper helps to heal kidney problems.


Picture Jasper has an activating and balancing effect on the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is a crystal that grows very intense earthly success and luck energy. A crystal that helps to bring good opportunities for self-realization and professional luck. A crystal that activates the Solar Plexus Chakra to attract prosperous energies. The more active your Solar Plexus Chakra works, the more prosperous opportunities will get in your way.


Among zodiac signs, Picture Jasper has the greatest impact on SCORPIOCAPRICORN and CANCER.

Picture Jasper is a crystal of prosperity and material success for Capricorn. Picture Jasper, Capricorn brings cash flow, the ability to find the job of his dreams and to rise higher in the job position. For a Capricorn, it is useful to keep Picture Jasper in his home, in the middle of prosperity crystals or at work. Wear during the period when you want to achieve material security and well-being.


In terms of date of birth, the luck crystal of those born on the 8th is Picture Jasper. It is a crystal that increases the luck, self-confidence of those born on this date, supports your skills and provides enough inspiration to achieve what you want in life. This crystal brings good luck to everyone born on the 8th.

I recommend charging Picture Jasper on a Citrine geode and cleanse it with Sage ritual plant smoke or Sage essential oil

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystal HERE.
Size ca 1,5*1,5*0,6 cm
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