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LABRADORITE is a mysterious crystal, which colour is greyish green but when it sees sunlight, then a colourful glow comes out of the crystal. Labradorite can glow with orange, yellow, green and blue shades. Labradorite is a crystal for mystics, it helps the magic to work and give the power to develop your intuitive skills. Labradorite is a strong clairvoyance crystal, which brings visions during the night and day.

Labradorite name comes from Canada Labrador are and that’s because Labradorite crystal was firstly found from that place. In addition to Canada, Labradorite has mined also in Mexico, Italy, Greenland and Russia. Labradorite with very valuable energy can also be found in Madagascar

Labradorite transmits and attracts energies. This gives this crystal the power and ability to change a life. By starting to use or wear Labradorite you can gradually start seeing changes in your life. This brings changes to life that releases old shackles and creates new better connections. The crystal that makes corrections in life and makes things move in the right direction.

Protects from energy attacks, energy loss and increases the ability to notice danger before it comes. Helps to identify the person we should not be in contact with. When you wear Labradorite in your arm and it gets really hot then a person you should not trust is close to you.

Helps with magic and rituals, cleansing rituals, working with pendulums and giving strength to predictions. Helps to focus on rituals and do them properly. Be sure do wear it in a process like this and it’s especially useful to wear it when you predict with crystals. Labradorite can lead the subconsciousness and take out the right answers.

I recommend keeping Labradorite crystals in the workrooms of masseurs for a massage to be more efficient and healthy. Labradorite helps the masseuse to transfer his energy to the client.

Labradorite is a crystal that helps to balance and ground the over-reactive mind. For example when there is a problem where all sort of thought is in the head and they disturb the everyday life, like over-thinking or worrying, then Labradorite helps to ground this all. Labradorite has the ability to silence the mind that’s over-reacted and interferes with living. Labradorite is particularly useful for you when your brain starts to work when you go to sleep and it simply takes the sleep away. When you have problems with not being able to switch your mind off for the night, then keep Labradorite crystal in your dream crystal set or near your bed. But when the over worrying and thinking also disturbs you in the day time, then it’s useful to wear Labradorite also as a piece of jewellery. 

Labradorite has the ability to recover and heal the healer. Labradorite helps spiritual energy to recover the healer has transferred to his patient. Therefore Labradorite stops energy vampires that may come forward during the healing and it helps the healer to be vital. It’s useful for the healer to wear Labradorite during the healing process or to keep in different forms.

Labradorite is a very mystical and spiritual crystal and it effects can’t be any less mystical. Labradorite has the ability to lead to you to the right path of fate by helping you to notice where you should go and why you should go there. The more intense connection you have with Labradorite, which means the more you use it, the faster you’ll reach the right path.

Labradorite helps you to notice why something in your life has happened, it brings clarity and visions about what has been connected in life. Labradorite helps to think all that’s happened in the past through and this will help you to understand all of this. It’s very useful to wear and use Labradorite with Lazurite or Fluorite to bring the knowledge forward even quicker.

I personally use Labradorite in my private seance room to give me the fast ability to travel from one time to another, helping to read the past, present and future in the human Aura. In addition to his, Labradorite for me is also useful because it strengthens my sense to see visions.

"Seeing the future in a dream and bringing it about"

Labradorite is one of the dream crystals that helps to bring you very clear dreams, helping you to get visions and to remember them. Labradorite is a crystal that brings forwards past related dreams, helping you to see your future or the future of people related to you. It’s a crystal that brings really useful dreams forward by giving you the chance to make corrections in your own fate. Place Labradorite crystal together with other dream crystals to open your minds even more. When you learn to explain the messages and predictions in dreams then you’ll get really useful information from there.

I would take Labradorite together with Rhyolite, Preseli, Galaxite and Phosphosideritewhen you wish to see the visions of your previous lives and to see visions from the far far future. The combination of these five crystals helps you to enter a very deep and far place with your dreams. All these crystals are part of the dream crystal sets and are generally related to the Astral projection.

When you yet don’t have a personal crystal set that would support your dreams before other crystals enter your life then keep it under your pillow.

"Opens mystical talents and visions"

Labradorite is a crystal of visions that firstly will work with the person for making him more spiritual. Labradorite has the ability to open up the ability in a human soul to sense energies, therefore this crystal is useful for people who wish to become spiritually more efficient. Labradorite brings about seeing visions and helps with developing intuition. To get the energy from Labradorite crystal I recommend to keep it in your bedroom near your pendulums, cards or other tools for predicting. For that purpose you can carry Labradorite as jewellery.

"Protects the home from vile souls"

Labradorite crystal is kept in front of the mirrors in your home, on the vanity or near a mirror. For that Labradorite crystal has the ability to protect the home from vile spirits.

The portals of spiritual travel will open up in mirrors and there could also be portals that allow vile souls, like demons, into the house. Demons will bring bad money luck and crush the love of family members. They usually bring along different addictions and accidents. To stop the travelling of vile souls and to protect your family from demons, Labradorite is kept in the home. Labradorite crystal should generally be kept in front of mirrors. In addition it would be beneficial to keep Labradorite also anywhere in the house. Labradorite works with Selenite for a similar purpose. When there are Selenite or candle holders made of it then they activate Labradorite to work by making it more efficient.

"Keep Labradorite near your pendulum"

Labradorite crystal increases the pendulums own personal power and strength. Especially it gives strength to Labradorite pendulum for predicting the future. When you have a pendulum then there should be crystals that give strength besides it and it should have a personal place for charging or keeping it. Labradorite could be by your pendulum so it won’t lose it’s energy and would help you to look into the future.

"Finding clarity through dreams" Labradorite and Rhyolite

Rhyolite and Labradorite crystal water helps to make the dream world more powerful. Rhyolite opens the minds to visions with Labradorite, helping to get really important information especially for yourself through sleep. Definitely drink this crystal water right before you go to sleep.

Make yourself crystal water to get the energies of these crystals for yourself. For that, place tumbled crystals in a water jug or a glass and keep them there for 20 minutes before drinking the water. For crystals to transfer their energies into the water.

The ritual of karmic soulmate´s healing and learning the lessons.

Labradorite and Galaxite are two crystals that by connecting create a power that helps to heal the connection between karmic soulmates and learn the lessons quicker. Joining Labradorite and Galaxite opens a power that helps you to understand what lesson there is between you and your karmic soulmate, helping to understand who is your karmic soulmate, how to learn the lessons from him, how to get along with each other during this. These crystals give good luck for ending the connection with your karmic soulmate so that it won´t end with drama and bigger problems.

To get support like this from Labradorite and Galaxite you need to make a ritual bag from them. Find a black bag where you place a piece of Labradorite and Galaxite, a pinch of cloves and a picture of yourself. It is important to use crystals without a purpose for making the ritual bag, that is crystals should never be taken from an earlier set and crystals have to be neutral. When you have made a bag like this, then leave it somewhere in your home. This bag could exist in your life for the rest of your life, you don´t have to open it, clean or charge it. The main thing in making the ritual bag is to focus on it to help you to understand your karmic soulmates, to help to break ties with them, when the time is right and to learn what they came to teach you. Making this ritual bag gives you a spiritual and soulful advantage for moving on in life quicker and to solve the tasks with the other person who has come to your path as a karmic soulmate. From time to time take the ritual bag into your hands, make a wish so that it could help you to heal a relationship where you have recognized your karmic soulmate and so that crystals would give you visions about what you should learn from the karmic soulmate.

You can read more about the karmic companion, that is one of your teacher souls from HERE.


For healing, you could wear Labradorite jewellery or make tumbled crystal

- Labradorite is strongly linked to the Third Eye Chakra, which also means that this crystal has the ability to heal some of the health problems of that Chakra that are physically present that are released by the weakness of that Chakra. For example, Labradorite helps to heal eyesight that can occur because of the sensitive and easily out of balanced Third Eye.

- In addition to healing the eyesight, Labradorite helps to release the stress gathered to the Third Eye Chakra. When you feel light-headed, dizzy, stressed and constantly irritated then Labradorite could be the crystal that can help you.

- Wear Labradorite around your neck as a talisman, make yourself water-elixir from it or do yourself crystal therapy when you wish to improve the work of lungs. Labradorite helps to heal lungs that are ill or to which you wish to give stronger health.

- When you’re dealing with high blood pressure, then using Labradorite helps to balance it. When there is a problem like this, then it’s always useful to use Labradorite for a longer period so that it could to alternative therapy to that problem and to solve the problem that could cause that high blood pressure. But when there is a problem like this, then you should look over your menu and leave out unhealthy foods.

- Labradorite helps to get rid of addictions. Labradorite helps best with keeping people away from drugs. When it’s a problem, then it’s worth keeping Labradorite in your home for the long term and using it for therapy.


Labradorite is a crystal which energies affect the sixth main Chakra, that is the Third Eye Chakra the most. Third Eye is situated directly on the forehead and is linked to intuition and the ability to manage your own life. Labradorite is strongly related to developing intuition, showing the right direction and visions, therefore this crystal is one very useful Third Eye healer. Labradorite adds strength to the Third Eye Chakra so that it could function properly and set the person to move and think towards the right direction.

In addition to all of this, Labradorite is also useful for the Third Eye channel where imagination is situated. Labradorite amplifies it and helps imagination to appear. As, at the same time, it’s an Angel crystal, it helps right visions to appear and blocks the unreal fantasy visions. This, in turn, makes Labradorite into a very useful vision crystal.


Labradorite is luck, spiritual development, self-understanding, analysing and success crystal for a ♋ CANCER. In addition, Labradorite is also a crystal that helps Cancer to understand what connection he has with someone in this life, helping him understand what his purpose for someone is. Labradorite helps to understand who must be helped, who needs to be let go of, who hurts the Cancer and what lessons are to be learned. Labradorite is very useful for Cancer on a very personal level. Labradorite helps Cancer to understand what he needs to do with his relationships on different levels. This crystal protects him from misfortune, negative energy and problems, by strengthening his Aura and emotional resilience. Labradorite helps Cancer to stay on the right path and make difficult decisions. This is a crystal that brings Cancer overall luck, improving his instincts about work and helping him reach what would bring him prosperity.

Labradorite could be in the Cancer birth crystal set. In addition to Labradorite helping Cancer to fulfil his life purpose, it will also bring intuition and general spiritual development. You can read more about creating birth crystal set from HERE.

In addition to Cancer, Labradorite activates quickly in the Aura field of ♓ PISCES and is very useful for strengthening the intuitive mind. Labradorite helps Pisces to see visions, bring forward prophetic dreams and is even a necessary crystal for spiritual development. Labradorite helps Pisces to understand better your own life and what’s happening in it. Useful crystal for Pisces who wish to improve their spiritual abilities and make them stronger.


Labradorite is a birth crystal for people born on the 5th in any month. People born on that day need Labradorite to balance negative sides the birth date has given them and make them positive. Also to bring their positive traits even more about. Labradorite also brings them good luck, joy, prosperity, inner peace, intuitive mind and stress-free life. Labradorite crystal could be in that person's birth crystal set, at their home or they could wear it as a piece of jewellery.
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