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Aura crystals are one of the "New Age" crystals, which people have made from pure Rock Crystal by heating the crystal and adding various metals to the Aura crystal during the process, which gives the Aura crystal its colour. I am fascinated by Aura crystals and I believe that rather the energy of fire that is permanently given to them gives them more strength. The colour given to the Aura crystal is permanent.

AQUA AURA is one of the most powerful Quartz crystals and one of the most powerful Aura crystals you can use at all. Its effect is immediate when you start wearing it, but in advance, I recommend all future Aqua Aura carriers to wear, for example, six months in advance Rock Crystals so that the Aura crystal can do its job to the maximum. Rock Crystal clears the blockages that prevent the Auras from reaching energy.

Aqua Aura is primarily linked with the development of intuition, the development of various forms of clairvoyance, contact with Angels and the enhancement of spiritual energy. Thus, Aqua Aura can also be used in such crystal sets to give them strength.

It is recommended to keep the Aqua Aura next to the bed or in a crystal set next to the bed, which is associated with good sleep, astral travel, contact with angels or seeing prophetic visions. Aqua Aura helps to channel quickly and experience astral travel at night.

If there is an Aqua Aura near you or you are dealing with this crystal, it will help you to see and analyse the messages of the Angels more easily. Carrying the Aqua Aura with you or keeping it in a crystal set in your bedroom will help you see the combinations of numbers that the Angels will send you. Each number and combination of numbers has its own specific message and is one of the ways Angels come into contact with you.

The Aqua Aura can be added by pendulum charging geode when it is related to intuition, prophecy, or Angels. Suits very well for charging Iolite, Lazurite, Opalite and, also, for Rock Crystal. In addition, Aqua Aura helps amplify the work of runes, crystal prediction sets and prediction cards. If you are dealing with prediction crystals, after a while I suggest you add Aqua Aura to these crystals, so you can predict, but at the same time, it helps to amplify the coming correct answers. This crystal will help you to take exactly the right crystal from the bag, which has the right answer for you. Apart from Aqua Aura, other Aura Quartz crystals have the same effect on prediction crystals. You can read more about prediction crystals from HERE.

Keep Aqua Aura in the set of Northern quarter created according to Feng Shui to help you bring brilliant ideas to your work. Aqua Aura helps to break through various problems that will not allow you to be successful.

Aqua Aura is a very powerful crystal that promotes spirituality and it works faster with people who also deal with other crystals of intuition and clairvoyance. Aqua Aura is like an "amplifier crystal" that has the ability to trigger all other crystals with this energy faster.


From Aqua Aura, Angel Aura, Celectite, White Agate and Kyanite create yourself a crystal set of "Angel messages". Place all of these crystals in a white or light blue bag with your own picture taken less than a month before you put these crystals in the bag.

- The best time to form this crystal set is on the creation of the New moon or the Full Moon.

- When you start creating this set, place a white candle on the table, then write your name and date of birth behind the picture, then put the picture in the bag with the crystals, and then tie the bag with ribbons. When the bag is closed, you extinguish the candle and place this set under the bed in your bedroom. From there, you must not take this set at least until the next Moon is created, if you did it during the Full Moon, then you are waiting for the next Full Moon.

- After one month, you can take it with you, keep it under the same bed, or put it on the Angel crystal set. This same little crystal ritual will help your Angels get in better contact with you and start sending you number combinations so that you can notice them. No crystals are taken from the bag during cleaning.

Intuition development and North-East quarter

In the north-east, there is a channel of self-development, knowledge and wisdom. This is a very important quarter of the home, where it is very useful to find a place for crystals to help you grow. In the North-East quarter, it is good to create a separate crystal altar or collection that will open an intuitive mind. They help everyone who lives there. It’s good to have  IoliteKyaniteBlue QuartzAqua AuraCobalt AuraAngel AuraSodaliteAmethystAmetrineMoonstone and other crystal that will help to strengthen your spiritual abilities.

Useful meditation crystal

Use Aqua Aura for meditation. It is a crystal that can free you from any mental, physical and spiritual stress that prevents you from meditating. With this kind of stress, you will not be able to concentrate or relax during meditation. This may be the reason why you can’t do very useful self-therapy. Keep this crystal close to you as you meditate or wear it on your body at this time.


Aqua Aura is worn on the THROAT CHAKRA as a talisman when you wish to heal the following problems:

- Anxiety disorders, stress, nervousness, throat disorders, thyroid problems, respiratory diseases (especially useful in children), melancholia, self-belief, self-pity, anger.

Aqua Aura is not made into a water elixir, so if you want to use it after healing, I recommend wearing it as jewellery.


Aqua Aura supports the proper functioning of the Throat Chakra. It is a crystal that helps information to move successfully through your body and mind, helping you to acquire spiritual knowledge. Aqua Aura releases blockages that prevent you from clearly feeling, seeing and understanding what is happening to you. This is due to the unbalanced state of the Throat Chakra, to which Aqua Aura helps to bring healing. Wear or use Aqua Aura to give yourself strength for spiritual development.


With its power, the Aqua Aura easily reaches the Aquarius Aura field, providing support for spiritual development. An Aquarius who wants to enhance his intuitive skills, energy perception, and overall spiritual ability find it useful to bring Aqua Aura to life, helping Aquarius to listen to his inner voice and make his daily decisions and choices accordingly. 

Aqua Aura is a balancing crystal for those born during the Cancer-Leo zodiac cusp. People, whose birthday is between July 19 – July 25 are born during the cusp. Aqua Aura brings good luck and blocks excessive stress, to which the Cancer-Leo is very sensitive.



Aqua Aura is a luck crystal for those born on the first of every month. This crystal is worth keeping with you for the rest of your life, it will bring good luck, success, vitality and inspiration into your life. Aqua Aura brings relationship happiness, love and good energy into your life. A crystal that helps keep you away from an unbalanced state and always keep you on your right path. It is a supportive crystal in your life, helping you to create what you need to create in this life.


It is very useful to wear this crystal periodically in life, it is even more useful to keep it in a personal birth crystal chest.

Charge on geodes only crystals that are in direct contact with your body.

Aqua Aura can be charged on a Titanium Aura or Cobalt Aura geode or beside it when you’re not wearing itCleanse it at least once a month with Palo Santo smoke.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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