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HEMATITE chips (ca 100 g)

HEMATITE chips (ca 100 g) CRYSTALS
HEMATITE chips (ca 100 g)
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HEMATITE comes from the Greek word “blood” and is used for protection from wounds and different accidents. Hematite is a very widespread healing crystal, and it has a lot of good qualities why it's worth adding to your collection of crystals. Hematite originates mainly in the USAArgentinaBrazil and Africa. The natural shape of Hematite reminds petrified bubbles, which after tumbling produces a beautiful crystal with a shiny silver lustre, which at first sight may not look natural at all. 

Hematite is a very strong crystal used to protect different aspects. Hematite has a grounding effect which means that it is able to balance the energies and at the same time protect your Arura or, instead, protect the Aura of your home.

Hematite helps to increase self-confidence and is very useful for women who feel that they are unable or do not dare to oppose different situations that harm them. Similarly, Hematite works with men, but to women, Hematite transmits this particular force more quickly. In general, Hematite has more male energy, which means that this crystal supports men better by giving them the energy they need to be healthy. But this is more likely to be the case when Hematite is used as a piece of jewellery.

Hematite is a crystal of happiness and well-being for those people who are born during the Waxing Crescent. Hematite helps to extricate excess strain from Aura and cope with very well intense situations. Hematite gives people good luck and an ability to cope with their own lives.

Hematite protects against seeing wrong visions and false inner voices. Hematite has the ability to guide a person on the right track, especially when Hematite is worn with other crystals. According to the power of the crystal that exists next to Hematite, Hematite directs you on the right path. When Hematite is together with a good luck crystal, it helps to notice what brings happiness and what does not.

It’s one of the best balancers among crystals. Hematite can also help those who have lost self-control and secure footing, leading attention to where one needs to make an effort, repair something and heal. Hematite is a self-help crystal.

Hematite is like a magnet that helps to swallow all the negativity from your life and Aura field. Picture how it has a power that attracts all negative energies. Hematite helps you to become pure spiritually, make your minds clearer and to feel really fresh. 

A crystal that teaches you to live so you wouldn’t hurt yourself with your actions. Hematite teaches you to set boundaries and helps you to stick up with them. Hematite helps to create useful beliefs, implement them and teaches you to follow them. When you feel like you have no respect for yourself or you’re without limits, then wear clean Hematite (as a separate piece of jewellery, without other crystals) for a longer period. Wearing Hematite for a longer period helps you to achieve this. Read my article "Do you have respect for yourself or not?" HERE.

CHIPS CRYSTALS are small pieces of crystals, but they have exactly the same effects as the crystal, they simply are a lot smaller. It’s very nice to add chips crystals to candleholders because this way they will start to heal the home atmosphere and Aura together. Every crystal has its own power when you put it together with a ritual candle.

HEMATITE  has the ability to ground the negative energy from home Aura which means it can help the excessive tension to calm down and, eventually, to go away.

- Make a base with chips crystals and rough Hematites with a Black candle, to remove energy that’s cursed, causes fights, is linked to misfortune and chiding and evil energetics. Burning a candle in the middle of these crystals helps to activate the crystal to healing.

- Keep Hematite chips and a White candle together to release bad talking, constant fighting and arguing from the home.

- Place Hematite chips crystals on the base of the home protection crystal set to amplify protection.

- Add Hematite chips on the soil of a Zanzibar’s Gem so it could act to push away misfortune from the home.

You can combine different chips crystals to get even more special energy, every combination, in turn, has its own special power and effect on your home. Be sure to add a candle on the base so the crystals could be activated to change the home Aura.


Black Tourmaline with Hematite when you want to protect the house, family and yourself from bigger fights and arguments. Suit together to be kept near electronics, or on the soil in a flowerpot. This way the unhealthy energy is stopped from reaching the human Aura.

Amethyst helps to protect the home from stress leaks, helps to protect from fights. Place these crystals in a room that is most walked through, create a candle base and burn a candle there to prevent a stress leak. At the same time, this combination helps to stop drinking alcohol. 

Red Jasper with Hematite helps to strengthen the southern quarter energy that brings fertility and love to the house. Besides that, this combination can be kept with fertility crystals.

Green Aventurine helps to protect fortune, raise money, collect positive reputation and suits to the South-Eastern or Eastern room, whether for a candle holder or covering the soil of a plant. Plants direct the crystal energy very well.

Moonstone combined with Hematite to ground “visions”. Sometimes a person can have visions that may not be right and be related to stress or even anxiety. Suitable for people who don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong in their life. On a spiritual journey, you also need constant energy grounding to make the difference between right and wrong. 

Carnelian suits together with Hematite when you wish to raise the energy, vitality and ambition of people living in that home.

Rock Crystal simply amplifies the effect of this crystal.

Rose Quartz and Hematite helps to protect the home from relationship problems and a relationship from breaking up. Besides that, they go together to be kept by the front door of the home because they help the men in the house to open themselves more and to communicate.

With Rutilated Quartz when you want generally stronger protection for the house or to the place you live. Rutiles help to clean the negativity from the home Aura and Hematite helps to create strong protection for the home aura. When you need to protect people then you also need to protect the home aura so that the “evil” couldn’t get to send its bad wishes to the house.

Shungite with Hematite place near electronics (you can also add Black Tourmaline), to protect your or your family member’s Aura from electromagnetic radiation. This is in order the same energy does not give out harmful signals that, in turn, could lead to serious health problems, including to anxiety. You can use these crystals with the medicine you take to ground their harmful qualities.

Use Amber when you wish to bring health to the house or send off health-related misfortune. Perfectly suitable for the Eastern room that symbolises the health corner to bring along positivity.

Garnet goes together for the love crystal set.

Peridot keeps these crystals in your bedroom to protect your own soul during astral projection. Can be kept with intuition and astral crystals.

Tiger’s Eye creates strong Aura protection for both the home and for people who are near these crystals.


For healing purposes, Hematite is worn on the body or having a massage with Hematite massage crystals. In addition, you can place the crystal to the East quarter of your home where the healing corner of the home is - East symbolises health. 

Hematite is a crystal that is not used for making water elixirs because it contains metals. 

- Hematite is an anaemia healing crystal that helps to heal the blood, strengthen blood circulation, stabilise haemoglobin, protect from different blood illnesses and heal problems with balance.

-  Good for those who want to find spiritual balance.

- Hematite is one of the best healing crystals for those who have the habit of whining and not be satisfied with anything. Hematite block poising itself, which occurs in this activity. Hematite helps to constrain yourself and helps you get rid of the negative energies inside you. Hematite is one of the Root Chakra healing crystals.

- Beneficial for people who suffer from back pains. Hematite helps to take out the pain and begin healing the problematic place. 

- Hematite heals the pain and traumas of the nads, helping to quietly isolate the disease from the lesion. Helping to block the arm pain and at the same time pointing you intuitively to heal your own hands. Bring your ideas on how to better take care of your hands, while intuitively keeping you away from actions that can damage your hands. Wear Hematite on the arm that hurts.


Hematite is a crystal that can ground energies in the Root Chakra, healing the overactive Chakra that way. When the Root Chakra is not healthy, then the person is aggressive, nervous, often angry, moodless, criticising, unpleasant for others, negative and pessimistic. When you sense that some of these things are about you then your Root Chakra could be harmed. Hematite helps to heal it, therefore wear this crystal when you feel like this.


GEMINI health is protected with Hematite

For CAPRICORNS Hematite helps to ground energies and harmonise them, helping to get along with yourself, make the right decisions and relieve his stubbornness in places he can hurt himself with this character trait.

For an AQUARIUS Hematite is both a luck crystal and protection crystal. In addition to this, Hematite is especially useful for AQUARIUS to fulfil his life purpose. You can read more about the Aquarius life purpose from one of my previous article that can be found HERE. Hematite does not allow the Aquarius to deviate from the path of his destiny, helping the Aquarius to always move in the direction that will bring him happiness and make him happy. Hematite will bring a lot of good to the Aquarius and it will definitely be worth for Aquarius to have this crystal in his life.

I recommend Sagittarius to wear Hematite when they want to fulfil their purpose in life properly. Another option, besides wearing it as jewellery, is to add this crystal to the birth crystal chest. You can read more about a birth crystal set from HERE.


Hematite is a crystal of happiness and balance for everyone born on the year of the Horse. Hematite helps to highlight a horse’s good and strong qualities, and, at the same time, it helps to reduce its negative aspects. Hematite helps protect the horse’s life and gives him the chance to live happily.


Hematite is the lucky crystal for the 2nd date numerologically. Hematite balances protects and brings good luck to those born on the second day. Hematite helps to block the nervousness that the 2nd day brings with it. This is one of the weak spots of their health. However, Hematite brings good luck and helps in life to achieve what is wished for. You should have Hematite crystal in your home if you were born on that date or you could occasionally wear this crystal in a piece of jewellery. This is to allow Hematite to highlight the good qualities of this number to balance the negative aspects of this number.

Crystals directly in contact with your skin should be charged on geodes.

You can charge Hematite with Agate geode or on a rough Hematite or by its side. Clean it at least once a month with Ginger essential oil or Sage ritual plant/incense/essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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