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MOONSTONE chips (ca 60g)

MOONSTONE chips (ca 60g)
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MOONSTONE is one of the most popular crystals in the world, the main features of which are attracting love, strengthening intuition and creating a good night's sleep. Moonstone is a real crystal of romance that attracts a lot of love. The characteristic shades of Moonstone are beige-brownish-white, which is present in different variations. Only very luxurious jewellery is made of clear Moonstone, which is polished in an interestingly luminous and translucent way. Moonstone is widespread and it’s mainly found in IndiaBrazilRussia, most of our crystals come from Madagascar

Moonstone is a crystal with very mild energy, which works smoothly and wisely, but very resolutely. Moonstone is one of the crystals that could definitely be represented in your home or in your life. Moonstone heals unfavourable energies that can cause negativity.

Moonstone is associated with the Moon and carries feminine energy, which means that it is a powerful talisman for the woman to wear. Moonstone symbolizes romance, femininity, sensuality, soft character, emotions, love, fertility and passion. 

Moonstone is directly related to the power of the Full Moon. This helps to reduce insomnia and anxiety caused by magnetic storms. Keep Moonstone near your bed or at least in the bedroom so that it can help you during this lunar phase. Moonstone is especially useful and necessary for those who have sleep disorders or insomnia. This crystal helps block the negative energy of the Full Moon. 

Carry or hold Moonstone crystal between the walls of your home, it will bring light to your soul and to your home. It creates energy around you that helps you live and think healthier. Give Moonstone time to work, it will first begin to release and heal the darkest energies, only then can light come to the soul and home.

Moonstone has different colours and each colour has its own additional power. In addition to the basic properties of regular Moonstone,  Black Moonstone is also a grounding crystal, that’s able to balance emotions very well, making it faster than other colours. I recommend wearing Black Moonstone to those who feel that their life is not the easiest in the field of love or that there is too much tension in the air. Black Moonstone helps you to take on various more emotional topics and events more easily. Pink Moonstone is most associated with love, receiving love and sharing the love. If you want Moonstone to attract love or improve relationships, especially romance, then Pink Moonstone is just for you. White Moonstone transmits peace and soothing energy vibrations. Wearing White Moonstone is useful for those who are typical over thinkers, it helps them to take away those thoughts that are harmful to you. If you want to wear Moonstone to relieve stress, White Moonstone is an ideal choice.

CHIPS crystals are small pieces of crystal, but they have exactly the same effects as this crystal, only the size of this one crystal is extremely small. Chip crystals are very good to use for making candle holders, it is good to add crystals to candle holders as they go hand in hand with each other to heal the atmosphere of the home and the Aura. Each crystal has its own power when combined with different candles and magic candles.


Moonstone chips are small Moonstone crystals that are very good to use when creating a candle holder, covering plants with crystals and creating crystal sets. Moonstone chips are very good to use when creating crystal sets that are made for the purpose of attracting love or on plants that have the energy of love. 

Love and romance crystals. 

Moonstone is good to keep in the bedroom so that it brings more closeness and romance to the relationship. Moonstone helps love to become more powerful, feelings to be revived and make you feel butterflies in your stomach again. If you have a set of love crystals created in the bedroom, be sure to add a piece of Moonstone to amplify the energy of love.

Moonstone is a strong crystal of healing emotional life, helping to get rid of harmful energy that prevents you from feeling, that blocks the channel of love in your soul, and that prevents you from reaching love. Moonstone cleanses the etheric body and gives it new energy - loving energy. 

Moonstone helps to bring a companion soulmate, soulmate and life partner spirit to your life. Wear Moonstone together with Blue Topaz or Emerald, if you want to revitalize an existing relationship.

Moonstone is a strong crystal of emotional healers, helping to release harmful energy that prevents you from feeling love, that blocks the channel of love in your soul, and that prevents you from reaching love. The moonstone cleanses the etheric body and gives it new energy - loving energy. 

The crystal of supreme femininity

Moonstone is most suitable for women, because it brings them romance, good luck of love, intuition, fertility, femininity, feminine attitude to different things, the ability to get along with men, and it also helps to suppress too masculine or powerful natures to make femininity stand out at all.

Moonstone helps to lead the human soul to the path of development, where harmful habits, emotions, beliefs, needs, and traits are released. Moonstone is one of the crystals with the most favourable power for self-development, which can be your helper in becoming a more genuine, sincere and lovable person.

Fertility crystal

Moonstone is a crystal that has the ability to heal fertility problems. Moonstone helps to move away from the thoughts that prevent a woman from becoming pregnant, i.e. those that cause fear and block the emotional body. To do this, carry this crystal with you, for example as jewellery, or add Moonstone to your fertility crystal set. Moonstone is believed to bring a daughter to the house.

Feminine instincts and intuition

Moonstone is one of the most necessary crystals for intuitive development, especially for women. Moonstone is beneficial to women in every way, both because of its properties that promote spiritual development and because of its healing properties. Moonstone is useful to use and wear at a time when a woman wants to strengthen her feminine instinct and intuition.

Moonstone helps to relax

Moonstone relieves emotional tension, stress, overeating, work stress, love stress and anxiety. Moonstone is a soul healer by nature, and by wearing this crystal, you will find the anxious emotion that exists within you. Moonstone filters out this emotion, helps you understand why it exists and what is the secret to getting rid of it. Above all, Moonstone will help you get rid of what makes you anxious.

Moonstone helps you sleep better and is also used to relieve sleep disorders. However, spiritual balance is extremely important to a person, and I constantly emphasize that it needs to be addressed, because when your mental body is out of balance, various problems arise, such as constant mood swings, constant sadness, fears about relationships, fear of one's health, and so on.

Development of intuition and the North-eastern quarter

Keep Moonstone in the bedroom or according to Feng Shui at home in the North-east. In the north-east, there is a channel of self-development, knowledge and wisdom. This is a very important quarter of the home, where it is very useful to find a place for crystals to help you grow. North-east quarters are good for creating a separate crystal altar or collection that will open an intuitive mind. They help everyone who lives there.

In addition to Moonstone, there could also be Iolite, Kyanite, Blue Quartz, Aqua Aura, Cobalt Aura, Angel Aura, Sodalite, Amethyst, Ametrine and other crystals to help you strengthen your spiritual skills.

Moonstone is a very useful crystal for spiritual development, helping intuition to develop and become stronger. Moonstone makes you more sensitive to energies, helping you to feel and understand them better. Moonstone teaches you to trust your gut feeling and live by it. 

Moonstone is a powerful dream interpreter, dream bringer and gives prophetic dreams. In order to get such a powerful power from Moonstone, it could be in your bedroom. Moonstone is also suitable for good sleep crystals or angel crystals.

Crystal in contact with the Full Moon

Through Moonstone, you can send your love wishes and dreams on the road. Moonstone should be held in your hand or worn as jewellery in the Full Moon. Moonstone is worn during the Full Moon so that it receives powerful power to serve its wearer until the next Full Moon.

Feng Shui Western and Northwest quarter - children and friends

Based on Feng Shui, Moonstone carries a metal element with it. The metal element brings good energy to two quarters - the West and the Northwest. Moonstone helps to bring happiness to a family in the western quarter, or if the children are already in the house, it helps to improve communication between children. In the Northwest, it helps to bring a lot of friends to the family and good communication with friends.

A companion soulmate whose goal is to guide you on the right path

Moonstone is a crystal that helps you understand what your relationship is with one person or another. Moonstone is especially suitable for those who have a companion soulmate who wants to guide him on the right path. Moonstone helps you understand the lesson and give up this relationship when the time is right. I recommend wearing Moonstone to those who want to bring a solution to a relationship where they think they are with a companion soulmate. Moonstone helps to understand this lesson and keep the spiritual agreement. You can read more about the companion soulmate from HERE.

Strengthening the bond with a friend soulmate

Moonstone is a crystal that can work for the right purpose between the connections of different types of soulmates and spirits. Moonstone is the crystal that helps, for example, to direct you to the right path with soul friends, help him properly and this helps to get the most of the connection between you two. Wear Moonstone to strengthen your connection with your soul friends This crystal helps this valuable friendship to come to your life. Read more about soul friends  HERE.


For healing purposes, I recommend wearing jewellery made of Moonstone or water-elixir made from tumbled Moonstone. 

- In alternative therapy, the regular wearing of Moonstone helps to regulate the hormonal balance of a woman's body. Moonstone is connected to the Earth's companion Moon, which is involved in women's cycles, and by wearing Moonstone, it helps to fix the irregular cycle. 

- It is a crystal that helps to balance male and female energy, especially when there is too little female energy. Every man and every woman have both energies and these energies should not be out of balance in the body. Balanced male and female energies make a man very dominant and selfish and a woman aggressive. 

- Heals fertility problems, hormonal problems, ovarian weakness and cysts. Moonstone is recommended for men if they have problems with infertility or a disease related to the reproductive organs.

- Wearing Moonstone talisman heals the Heart Chakra and helps to release energy blockages in the etheric body that prevent the lymph from working properly. 

- Moonstone opens and heals the Crown Chakra, which helps to develop intuition even more powerfully and helps to bring prophetic visions.

- Heals sleep disorders, the crystal can also be added to a good sleep crystal set.

- Relieves stress caused by love problems or loneliness.


Moonstone is associated with the healing of the Crown Chakra, as are most light crystals. The Crown Chakra is located directly above the head and is related to our peace, balance, wisdom, lifestyle and dreams. The Crown Chakra connects us to the universe, destiny, and our journey.

Moonstone helps you understand the meaning of your personal journey, where you need to move in life, and what your mission is in this world. There is a question in everyone: "Why am I here and what is my purpose?". Moonstone helps to find the answer to this question. It will gradually open your eyes and lead you to understand everything.


 CANCERLIBRA and SCORPIO are the fastest to absorb the energy of Moonstone.

Moonstone is the love luck and intuition strengthening crystal for a CANCER. It’s certainly a crystal every Cancer should have. Moonstone supports Cancer’s Moon energy. Moon is what leads Cancer, adding unique qualities to him. Moonstone is a crystal that helps Cancer to connect with the Moon. 

It is recommended to wear a Moonstone to LIBRA so that the women of Libra can enhance their femininity. Moonstone is a crystal for strengthening intuition and learning to trust intuition for SCORPIOS, who are born between  November 6.

In addition, Moonstone is a crystal of happiness and intuition for those who are born in the PISCES zodiac sign between  March 20 and 21.

The zodiac crystal´s effect will be carried forward, even if the talisman is worn for a different purpose.

Charge Moonstone on an Apophyllite geode or beside it for the energy to be stored and it could work with you. Cleanse it from time to time with Sage ritual plant, Sage essential oil or incense smoke.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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