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MOOKAITE with a hole

MOOKAITE with a hole
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MOOKAITE  is a Jasper from Australia.  Mookaite is mainly found; span style="font-style: italic;">Carnarvon Basin West-Australia. Mookaite is a highly variegated type of Jasper, basically, each piece of crystal looks different and its colours are also very different. The main colours of Mookaite are yellow and a soft shade of red. It is beige, brown, mild purple to dark purple. Anyway, Mookaite is a crystal with a very colourful and beautiful nature. Some Mookaite crystals have a lot of yellow, while others may be beige with a few purple stripes.

The main task of Mookaite is to bring positivity to the environment and people. Mookaite helps those who are looking for new opportunities in life and want to be happier. 

Wearing Mookaite on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

- Mookaite is one of the greatest joy bringers of crystals to keep in your life. Mookaite makes the soul more positive and optimistic. Wearing a Mookaite or keeping it at home will help bring a lot of joy to your life.

- Mookaite is the crystal of new beginnings. When worn with another crystal that has the ability to make love come true, improve relationships, or fulfil love desires, Mookaite accelerates the power of that crystal. Mookaite, when together with any love crystal, helps to bring a new opportunity into your life and exactly the kind of opportunity that the love crystal next to it offers. Always carry Mookaite with you if you want your life to change. 

- Mookaite increases creativity by helping to become creative and open the creative mind. Mookaite contributes to self-expression, teaches to make one's thoughts and ideas physical. Mookaite enhances the ability to put one's thoughts on paper or express them in any form. In addition, Mookaite increases your energy of happiness, bringing many good opportunities for self-realization into your life. 

- Mookaite is a crystal of new beginnings. When someone asks me, "Which crystal would help me move forward with life or settle in a new stage/place of life?", Then the answer is always Mookaite. Mookaite helps you keep up with new things, blends in with the environment/society, helps you to be optimistic about the future and at the same time helps to remove the fears of not being able to cope.

- All Jaspis have their own defensive qualities, Mookaite protects your emotions from sadness, helping you to stay on your own and to be balanced in such situations, even in a very awkward dispute or receiving criticism.

- A crystal that helps you become more flexible by helping you look at different topics from multiple angles. Ideal for wearing at work to create harmony between other co-workers and yourself, helping other people to understand, understand them, find solutions and even offer solutions in very difficult situations without hurting anyone.

- I also recommend wearing a Mookaite for children to keep the child happy. Mookaite helps to enjoy childhood and at the same time protects it from growing too fast and taking on too many worries. Suitable for those children who are anxious by nature and take all the problems of others into their breath.

- Mookaite is a useful crystal to carry with you because it helps you make decisions about your own life. Helps not to depend on other people's opinions and teaches the wearer not to need approval from anyone else.

- Mookaite teaches you to live for yourself, to take control of your own life, and to see that no one else can give you answers about life. Mookaite teaches us to see life in such a way that we have a destiny that we ourselves can only and can fully read. Other people can only inspire us or give us signs. Decisions come only from within. It is useful to carry this crystal with it because it has the ability to release emotions that will not allow your soul to grow.

- Suitable for those who feel lonely, sad and for those who can no longer see life in beautiful tones. Mookaite heals the sad mind and replaces it with joy. Mookaite is a crystal that helps you enjoy life.

The time between the New Moon and the First Quarter of the Moon is a good time to make a big difference in your life. To do this, I recommend wearing the Mookaite crystal during this period. It is a life-changing crystal that gives you the strength to move with the flow of life and get out of a routine that is not good for you. Mookaite helps you understand what you need to give up so that you can make your life better and more interesting. I recommend this crystal whenever you are looking for innovations in life and want to move forward with life. This is a good crystal of happiness that will lead you on the right path. 

I recommend that participants in my sessions wear the Mookaite talisman with them when it comes to highly spiritual issues. In such sessions, Mookaite will help you connect with the souls involved in your life who have not been given a physical body in that life, helping them to send you answers to your thoughts and helping you to deepen your session and store it in your subconscious.


Wear Mookaite when you have any of the following problems:
- Mookaite helps to heal kidney problems, strengthen and heal the bladder, balance blood sugar levels, or control high blood sugar. Suitable for those who do not love to drink water. Wearing Mookaite will help you increase your water needs and increase your appetite accordingly.

- It is worn to keep the body young and healthy. Helps to slow down the ageing process of the body, also helps to slow down the rapid development of various diseases.

- I recommend wearing Mookaite to protect the fetus during the first months of pregnancy. Suitable for those who have difficulty conceiving or who have previously had a miscarriage. Mookaite helps protect the child from death.


Mookaite works the best for healing the Solar Plexus chakra by helping to release physical problems in that Chakra. The Mookaite talisman must then be worn on the end of a chain or ribbon as long as possible so that it reaches the navel, where the Solar Plexus Chakra is located. 


Among zodiac signs, Mookaite has the strongest effect on  AQUARIUS, being one of the main luck crystals for this sign. Then Mookaite affects the CAPRICORN and then other zodiac signs. 

Mookaite is a luck crystal of Aquarius, which injects optimism and helps alleviate the negative aspects. This crystal helps him achieve a lot in life. Keeps Aquarius motivated, inspired and active and creates favourable opportunities for self-realization.


Mookaite is a stabilizer, which means that this crystal has the ability to balance you. It helps you to do many things at once and make sure you don't get confused. Monkey, Rooster, Dragon and Snake years create the most confusion. During these four astrological years, it is very useful to wear Mookaite to feel good in those years.

Mookaite is the crystal of the Fire Rooster year, which will bring you good luck, positivity, abundance and all the good that the Fire Rooster has to offer you this year. Every year has its own positive and negative energies that it transmits to people. There are certain crystals that will help you take all the best from an astrological year and increase your happiness for that year. Mookaite is the crystal of Fire Rooster year and it is recommended to wear it throughout the year.

I recommend charging Mookaite on a Citrine or Muscovite geode and from time to time clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.     

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size ca 3*2*1 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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