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DUMORTIERITE wheel of sun 30 mm

DUMORTIERITE wheel of sun 30 mm JEWELRY
DUMORTIERITE wheel of sun 30 mm
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DUMORTIERITE is a crystal with a colour that varies from dark blue to blue and that is mainly found in  Madagascar. It’s also found in other places like Sri Lanka and Namibia. Madagascar crystals are many times more valuable than crystals found in other parts of the world as energy there is simply much more powerful. You can easily think of a power a lot stronger with crystals coming from there simply by their origin.

Dumortierite is a crystal that gives clarity to your thoughts. It removes fears and helps to strengthen your analytical skills. Besides that, Dumortierite is also related to spirits and Angels. It has the ability to protect from souls that are not coming to us with the best of intentions.

Dumortierite has one really good quality that is the main reason for wearing it. Dumortierite helps to be patient in life, helping to wait for things and moments without wishing to have them all at that very moment right away. Sometimes life needs time to bring beautiful things to you and sometimes other things need to be finished before. Dumortierite teaches to have patience.

WHEEL OF SUN symbolizes infinity, this form has no beginning nor end. This has a whole in the middle that symbolizes ancient knowledge and helps the wheel of sun crystal to filter energies. Every crystal has its own healing qualities and they all have a different effect. The shape of the wheel of Sun helps to heal quickly, helping negative energy to exit through the hole in the middle of it, and, in turn, the crystal helps to replace it with positive energy. Wheels of Sun get its extra power from sunlight.


-  Wear this wheel of the sun as a talisman when you wish to notice more signs sent by Angels and learn to interpret them for yourself. Dumortierite is a crystal that helps you to be in contact with your own Angels and give you messages in a simpler manner.

The numbers in Angel messages what I so far have written can be found from HERE. Dumortierite is exactly the crystal that helps you to see more of them and to interpret them for yourself.

- Suitable for people who feel like they can’t organize things in their life or do things so that everything would move smoothly.

Wearing Dumortierite on a Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

- When you start wearing Dumortierite then you can soon start feeling how you have become calmer and easily come out of nervous moments. 

- Dumortierite has the ability to relieve nervousness, heal the nervous system and make its wearer calmer. For that Dumortierite is even recommended for kids who are nervous or youngsters going through puberty who can’t handle their impulsiveness.

- Useful to be worn at work when your job is exhausting or monotone. Dumortierite gives you the durability to do the work you really are not enjoying any more. 

- Dumortierite is a crystal for students and suitable for people of any age. Dumortierite helps to learn, memorize facts, strengthen the memory and, particularly the factual memory. 

- Dumortierite is useful for kids who are stubborn and constantly fight with their parents. For Dumortierite to be able to work with the kid it needs to be worn as a talisman around the neck. 

- Dumortierite helps to understand different spiritual experiences to which you are being subjected and to understand the meaning of signs sent to your path by someone. It helps to analyse their meaning, necessity and message. Dumortierite will help to understand even the most complicated signs.

- Dumortierite is a crystal that helps to let go of the fear of darkness and teaches to communicate with souls. Dumortierite helps your thoughts to get to spirits and the other way around. It’s one of the crystals that teaches you to sense your energies.

- It’s useful to carry this crystal for people who wish to learn how to predict for themselves.

- Dumortierite is a crystal that helps to bring big changes in your life. When you feel like completely changing your life, to change your attitude towards something and take yourself towards a better person, then Dumortierite will help you do that. It’s a crystal of changes that helps you to become a better person. 

- Dumortierite contributes to spiritual development, helping the person to grow, learn and to acquire wisdom. Dumortierite strengthens intuition, helping to live by it and this teaches to listen to your gut feeling. It’s a crystal that helps to bring out spiritual talents when they exist in a persons life. When not, then it will help to create them in this life and make stronger so that in the next life they could come forth even more powerful. Dumortierite improves the ability to listen to your inner voice.

- Dumortierite is a crystal of telepathy with the ability to open telepathic minds. Dumortierite helps to advance telepathy with the souls we have a very deep connection within this life. You can generally advance telepathy between soulmates and family members. 

Dumortierite helps medical workers and healers despite the kind of healing methods they practice, let it be traditional medicine or alternative medicine. Dumortierite helps the doctor or healer to give the right diagnosis to his patient or therapy client. Dumortierite helps to sense the problem in the body, whether it’s physical or mental, is it in one or another organ or, rather, in a Chakra. It’s useful to carry Dumortierite crystal to work or in your work environment.

- Wear Dumortierite crystal with Amethyst, when you wish to learn to sense energies quicker and more efficiently. The power of these two crystals brings the ability to see signs, use a pendulum and the ability to predict to yourself with cards.


Hang Dumortierite wheel of the sun into a car so that it would help to make a careless driver more careful. Dumortierite helps the driver to be more attentive and it also provides Angel's protection to the car. Protects the car from being stolen.

Before you hang the Dumortierite to the car (indicatively to the rear-view mirror), clean the car with Palo Santo tree smoke. This way the crystal will start working quicker. 


Hang Dumortierite wheel of the sun on a dream catcher when you want to keep nightmares away from dreams. Dumortierite favours falling asleep and helps also to get rid of the fear of darkness.

It’s particularly useful to hang Dumortierite wheel of the sun to a kid’s dream catcher to help get rid of the fear of darkness.

Besides that, Dumortierite is one of the best crystals to be hanged on the dream catcher as a wheel of the sun. All of this because it knows how to bring prophetic visions through Angels to you. It helps your own Angels to explain the messages through sleep. Be sure to take a note of what kind of dreams are starting to appear after you hang Dumortierite on the dream catcher.


- Dumortierite helps to let go of inherited alcoholism or another addiction that has existed in the family already for generations. Dumortierite helps to let go of shackles that favour and create this problem. When there are problems with alcoholism, then you should definitely add Amethyst with Iolite. These crystals have the ability to cure alcoholism.

- Dumortierite helps to heal migraines and the unexplainable pains in the body. For example, when a joint is hurting without trauma or known reason, then wearing Dumortierite will help to heal that problem. Dumortierite heals the unexplainable pains in the body.

- One of the best healing crystals for respiratory diseases. Kids get coughs and colds frequently, often their weak spots are sinuses, adenoids and tonsils. Dumortierite helps to refrain from this problem and when they do appear, to get well sooner.

- Dumortierite, like most crystals, heals stress. But, like with other crystals, Dumortierite has its own way of removing stress. These crystal releases stress caused by obligations, like work stress or tension from school. When a grown-up finds it hard to cope with his workload, then Dumortierite will help. Also suitable for a child who can’t cope with the load from school.

- Dumortierite is perfect for keeping the body alkaline. When the body is alkaline then illnesses can’t find a way to grow and develop. Wearing Dumortierite and using it in crystal therapy helps to intuitively improve your menu, subconsciously to add alkaline foods and to decrease consuming acidic foods.


It’s power is most effective to the fifth and sixth Chakra. The fifth one is the Throat Chakra right above the throat and related to self-expressing, accepting information and digestion. Dumortierite helps to understand things surrounding you and to analyse them – with that the crystal heals the Throat Chakra and teaches thinking to a person.

Dumortierite has a healing and opening effect to the sixth, that is, to the Third Eye Chakra. Third Eye is situated on the forehead and is related to intuition, sensing and understanding your own path. Dumortierite helps the Third Eye to activate and therefore to strengthen intuition, favour spiritual growth and interpret the signs sent to your path.


Dumortierite has the most active and intensive effect on two zodiac signs which are VIRGO and LEO.

Perfect for a Virgo in the development of their intuition. Dumortierite is one of the best crystals for making spiritual powers and intuition clearer to a Virgo. A crystal a Virgo should definitely have in his life. Dumortierite helps to develop their intuition and is helpful for their spiritual growth, helping to make the right decision within and for everything around him. This crystal opens up the best character traits, makes him even better at analysing things and helps to heal his weak spots - this is what spiritual growth is.

Dumortierite has a similar effect on Leo. It helps them to make decisions based on their heart, helping to block the excessive realness and relying on logic. Dumortierite makes Leo’s intuition very strong.

The zodiac crystal´s effect will be carried forward, even if the talisman is worn for a different purpose.


Everyone born on the 7th has their lucky crystal is Dumortierite. Dumortierite helps to relieve stress, ground tensions, stop overthinking and, at the same time, it’s a really good crystal for improving analysing and brain work, helping to block thoughts that are negative and related to fear, replacing them with very good ideas and discoveries. This is a crystal of well-being for everyone who is born on the 7th in any month. Dumortierite brings good luck and the ability to live your life well and successfully.

Dumortierite is a talisman of luck for everyone born on the year of the Dog  It helps to ground the nervousness of the dog and to sort yourself out. In addition to this, Dumortierite helps to bring good ideas and motivation for carrying them out. Strengthens the intuition in people born on the year of the Dog.

I recommend charging Dumortierite on a Celestite geode peal and cleaning it with Sage ritual plant. You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
Size Diameter of the wheel of sun is 3 cm and the diameter of the hole is 0,8 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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