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GINGER AND ORANGE ritual & magic candle

GINGER AND ORANGE ritual & magic candle
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Ginger has the ability to clean everything that does harm. When combined with the oil and essence of a powerful plant, Orange, it brings even more special power. Orange is associated with positive and prosperous energy. Ginger together with Orange helps to cleanse the energy in the household, which prevents prosperity to move freely and come into your life. Ginger is a really powerful plant, about which I have written an earlier article. If you want to read it, you can find this article HERE.

Ginger and Orange candles can be used in many different ways to protect yourself, your family and your home:

- This candle is used to activate and clean the prosperity corner. The prosperity corner is in the most southeastern room of your home. The prosperity corner is the place where good fortune enters your home, your life and your family. In general, the prosperity corner is related to material and emotional possibilities.
- You can burn the candle there at any time, of course, it works best if you do it during the creation of the Full Moon or the New Moon. You can find the lunar phases calendar HERE.

- It is recommended to burn this candle in the middle of the prosperity crystals to amplify and restore their work. You can do it near the prosperity box, you can find an article about it HERE, or with a prosperity plant.

- When you burn the candle in any other place, ie in other rooms, it helps to bring positivity, helping to relieve stress and replace stress the energy with positivity.

- Ginger and Orange together create very positive energy around them, which this candle also transmits. So, if you want a positive mood and a good mood, it's a good idea to burn this candle in your home.

- Burn ginger and orange candles among the good mood crystals. Yellow Calcite, Citrine, Orange Calcite and many others bring a good mood and a happy mind.

- Be sure to burn this candle during the Eclipse. The combination of Ginger and Orange help to create a very strong positive energy around you and in your home during the Eclipse. The rituals performed during the eclipse will attach to your life for half a year. By burning this candle that day, you create positive energy in that room for half a year.

- Very often you may find that you need this candle in various rituals and magic of prosperity, positivity and new possibilities. There is a specific power in Ginger and Orange that can perform such rituals.
- Use it in various magics that mention the importance of Ginger and Orange.

You can read the full article about candles HERE.


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Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candle ca 60h
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