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LAVENDER ritual & magic candle

LAVENDER ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
LAVENDER ritual & magic candle
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LAVENDER is a plant well known throughout the world and used for making different cosmetic products and as an alternative medicine for different problems. Lavender in appearance is very beautiful and it’s aroma is also very nice and calming. Lavender was first grown in North-America, North-Africa, India and Mediterranean countries in Southern Europe. Lavender is not very petulant for its growing conditions and it withstands very high temperatures. Nowadays Lavender is even grown in Estonia. 

Lavender as a ritual plant is one of the most needed powers every mystic needs as Lavender is extremely versatile and you can use its essence in many different rituals. The most known effect of Lavender, of course, is creating a calm atmosphere, but besides that, it can also take the intuitive soul to even deeper levels, that is to the  Astral.

Lavender candle, Lavender incense, essential oil and Palo Santo tree are very useful to be burned at the same time (set to smoke). The combination of Lavender and Palo Santo creates a very intense joint energy that will help to clean crystals in any shape and make their energies even more powerful. Burn these two plants together in the room where your crystals, crystal jewellery and any kind of power objects are that are made from natural crystals. Lavender and Palo Santo create a universal cleansing course for your crystals. It’s most useful to burn them together on the First Quarter of the Moon. 

During the Last Quarter of the Moon, it’s useful to burn Lavender candle and incense, when you’re not feeling well. Lavender helps to improve your mood and relieve your stress levels. Lavender has the ability to calm hectic energies when, for example, the Last Quarter of the Moon brings a conflict or a problem into your life to what you need to find a solution for, then Lavender helps to find a solution for all, in a way you won´t get hurt emotionally. Burning lavender during that lunar phase is very important. Read my article about what you should be doing on the Last Quarter of the Moon. You can find this article from HERE.


Burn Lavender candle in a room you wish to meditate in, create visions for yourself, to calm down or, even, practise yoga. Lavender has the ability to make the minds calmer and to balance the whole soul. Lavender essence is very useful when you feel like something upsets you, you can’t focus or calm down. Lavender helps to pull yourself together spiritually and to calm down.


Lavender is a calming plant that favours relaxing and falling into a deep sleep. For that, before going to sleep burn Lavender candle in your bedroom so that the essence could clean the nervous atmosphere in there that prevents falling asleep. Selenite or Moonstone are suitable to be placed beside Lavender candle.


It’s possible to clean the home Aura from different types of stress energies with Lavender essence candle. Lavender candle is burned exactly in the middle of the home or in the most walked through the place. When the candle is burned for cleaning energies, then the windows in that room should always be opened so that energies could be replaced. Lavender candle helps to clean the nervousness, sadness, sadness from the illness of a family member, stress, depression or negative thinking at home. Lavender candle can be held besides other stress-relieving crystals and suits especially well with Amethyst.


Lavender candle helps to activate the stress-relieving, good sleep, intuition and clairvoyance crystals. For that keep the candle in the middle of crystal sets or place it on the window sill besides Amethyst or Rock Crystal geode for as long as the power objects are being cleaned on the geodes. Lavender candle helps these power objects to be activated and cleaned with the geode.


Place a candle with Lavender essence on the table when you wish to start predicting with a pendulum. Lavender essence helps to quicken entering the meditative state and this, in turn, helps you to easily ask questions and get answers. Lavender helps consciousness to come forward and the right answers to come to you.


Burn lavender candle with crystals that attract love so that the crystals would be active and full of energy. Lavender activates love crystal that is meant for accessing a new soul and starting a new life with him.

- Use in different rituals and magic, where the importance of Lavender is mentioned.     

Ritual of the waning crescent to reduce stress

In each month, during the Crescent Moon, you can perform this ritual for yourself. A ritual that helps relieve stress from your Aura through the energy wave of the Waning Crescent lunar phase and the Apache Tear crystals. It is helpful to do this ritual when you feel overwhelmed, your emotions are too nervous, and you just want more peace. For the ritual, you need exactly three Apache Tears and one Lavender candle. To perform the ritual, find a place where you can do it in peace and quiet. Once you have found this place, place a Lavender candle on a heat-resistant base and all the Apache Tear crystals in front of it. Light the candle and place both palms above the candle flame. Close your eyes and repeat in your mind exactly thirteen times: "Let my Aura Field release stress energy!". When this is said, take all the Apache Tears one by one and repeat this ritual sentence thirteen times in the same way as all of them. When this is done, place all the crystals back in front of the Lavender candle and meditate in front of this candle until peace, balance and well-being begin to emerge.

During the Waning Crescent, Apache Tears are able to absorb stress energy from the human Aura Field and the environment in which these crystals are located. Lavender candle can activate the aura cleaning process, especially if there are crystals next to it that can do the same. Apache Tears absorb negative energy, so these crystals should be cleaned inside the sage smoke. To do this, make the sage smudge stick smoke and keep the Apache Tear crystals one by one inside the smoke.

This ritual can be performed again with the same crystals in each subsequent Waning Crescent. If desired, store these three crystals in a black bag and write a keyword for yourself in this bag, indicating that they are crystals for performing this ritual. These crystals must definitely not be used for any other purpose, otherwise, they will bring misfortune to where they are used. Therefore, use them again only when performing this ritual. The candle in this ritual can also be used for other purposes.

You can find the dates when the Waning Crescent is in the lunar phase calendar.


Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candlel ca 60h. ATTENTION: COLOR OF THE CANDLES CAN BE DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE!
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