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MAGNOLIA ritual & magic candle

MAGNOLIA ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
MAGNOLIA ritual & magic candle
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MAGNOLIA is a beautiful flower with a royal meaning and power. This flower was considered several centuries ago as a flower of royalty, power, personal strength, elegance and sincerity. Magnolia symbolizes sincere and unconditional love.

Use the magnolia candle in rituals and magic where it is needed. For example, if some magic recipes say you need a magnolia candle, be sure not to leave it out so that the magic can work and bring you the results you want.

When you visit La Tene boutiques, always choose candles by smelling them. Discover which scent you like the most and it will show you what candle you need the most at the moment. Order candles from the webstore  based on their power or the fact that you already know which candle is best for you.

Home energy refresher and healer

Magnolia candle has a very refreshing effect, making the home environment calmer and more balanced. Burn a magnolia candle at a time when you want to refresh the energy of your home.

This candle can also be used to heal home energy. If you want the crystals in your home to work better, use a Magnolia candle.

The power of this candle helps to activate the Rock Crystal geode to heal home energy. Therefore, it is useful to use the Magnolia candle next to the Rock Crystal geode.

Positivity candle

The power of a magnolia candle helps to see more beauty and charm, not evil or misfortune. If you want to improve your worldview, burning a magnolia candle can help you do that.

A candle that gives love energy

This candle has the effect of increasing the energy of love. When you burn a magnolia candle, you create a romantic atmosphere of love around you. Burn a magnolia candle if you are with a loved one and want to spend quality time with him. Also, burn this candle to increase the happiness of love.

You can find a magnolia candle in magic and rituals related to love or attracting love.

A candle connected to the power of the moon

Magnolia is strongly connected to the power of the Moon. For example, the Magnolia candle works great during the Full Moon and the New Moon.

You can read about the candle article HERE.

Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candlel ca 60h. ATTENTION: COLOR OF THE CANDLES CAN BE DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE!
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