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SPRUCE ritual & magic candle

SPRUCE ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
SPRUCE ritual & magic candle
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SPRUCE is a sacred tree that has been used in magic and rituals to amplify protective energy and also to ensure good luck. Spruce is a tree that is characteristic of us Estonians and the use of spruce in various rituals are very convenient. Spruce helps to protect what is close to it, and if you add a spruce essence to the candle, it creates a protective and fortune ritual object from the candle.

Spruce candle can be used in many different ways:

- Spruce candle is a very universal ritual candle. You can burn it among prosperity and love crystals. Spruce candle activates the crystals and also activates the magic created inside those crystals so that it lives and works with you or with your home.
- The best way to use a spruce candle is to burn it among a crystal set of home protection or in the immediate vicinity of the front door. The spruce candle increases the protection of the home and helps to eliminate the energies that harm the home. Of course, Sage ritual plant could be burned at the same time to make the home cleaning ritual as powerful as possible.

- Burn a spruce candle at home if you want to bring good energy. Do this when you feel you need motivation or someone else in your family needs the energy to move them.

- Burn a spruce candle when you feel unsafe in your own home. Spruce increases protective energy blocks the eyes of strangers pointing at your home, as well as the attention of thieves who might find something in your home. If you feel insecure and feel that your home is not protected, burn the Spruce candle until it is completely burned. Whenever you light a spruce candle and then extinguish it, wish for strong protection around your home to keep out unnecessary curiosity and theft. You can also keep home protection crystals next to the candle, the more successful your candle ritual will be.

- Good luck and the protective candle, which the Spruce candle also is, can be burned in any room and close to different crystals. It is useful because it has the ability to move energies and release old stagnant energy.

- Use it in different spells where this particular candle is marked.

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Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candlel ca 60h.
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