Have you ever thought about why your constellation was given to you? In fact this has many different reasons. You are born in your zodiac sign because it helps to achieve what you were born to do in this life. Every twelve constellation has a separate life ambition in overall sense, which is given from birth for the whole world. And that is what I am going to tell you about.


If you are born as a Cancer, then it not only shapes your character and does not give you certain positive and negative sides. You are born as a Cancer for the whole world, every constellation has something to give us all. Constellations balance the whole humanity and that's why there are twelve different ones, and in addition twelve zodiac transitions.


Being born under a Cancer sign, despite being pure Cancer, Gemini-Cancer or Cancer-Leo, ou will carry Cancer life purpose for the world with you. If you are one of the transition period zodiacs, then in all probability you will carry with you the life purpose from your main constellation and in addition the tasks from the other side of your transition zodiac. For example, if you are Gemini-Cancer, then you are obligated to fulfil tasks from both Gemini and Cancer.


Cancer's life purpose towards the world is to understand, help and support other people when someone has emotionally very hard times. Cancer itself is extremely emotional, and it can even be said that he is like a mountain of emotions, which in case of avalanche he is scattered everywhere. Cancer is not just emotional, but this emotionality has its own reason. The emotional state of Cancer is related to one of its goals in life, which is the understanding of other people. You cannot be emotionless to be a good listener. You cannot be superficial to understand the deep feelings of another person. So, I believe that many of the Cancers who read my article on this subject will now become much more aware of themselves and, above all, why you are so emotional. Now knowing this, you can say with calm heart that this is all good and it is with a reason. So, Cancers, you are like that for the welfare of other people as well.

Cancer is emotional, deep-rooted by nature that expresses its emotions more externally, whose soul revolts so that others do not see it - emotions are there inside the Cancer. Cancer's life purpose towards the world or what Cancer needs to give and teach to other people, is primarily related to providing emotional support. The purpose of the Cancer is to take those in need of help under his wing, and Cancer must allow sad souls to talk about their concerns to him. Cancer is one who needs to listen to other people's concerns, go deep in the issue, take on the role of another person, and help them simply by supporting them during a hard time or emotional moment. Yes, indeed - Cancers, you cannot escape from people who come to you to talk about their sad destiny or share their emotions. Accept them, knowing that each time you give your shoulder to someone, you fulfil your life purpose.

Now, reading my thoughts, Cancer immediately asks why he has to take all the broken souls and those who are angry under his wing when it's difficult to cope with one's own emotions. To that I say that fate offers more to everyone than one can bear, and this is to learn something about this situation. Cancer has such a purpose, because Cancer is one who can go deep into other people's problems and be present with his soul when it is most needed by the other half. So, Cancer, you're just the best candidate out of all 12 constellations, you're the winner, be proud of yourself.

Cancer must be able to find solutions through those who are in need of help, many come with concerns that have once been part of Cancers life or are currently topical. As an observer, the solution is easier to see, and Cancer can learn to find solutions to the concerns of one's own life. If you are a Cancer and reading my thoughts, then remember this thought next time - what you would have done in the situation with which you were approached with, store and analyse it, could it be the answer also to you. If you cannot deal with the emotions, problems and negativity of others, be sure in this life period to keep close to a 

Moonstone, which is your crystal as a Cancer and which helps to lower your stress level very effectively. Wear it or keep Moonstone in your birth crystal set.

f Cancer fulfils its life purpose, which is to provide emotional support to other people, Cancer does not refuse it, and always takes the needy under his wings, then fate andkarma will give Cancer fortune for it. Cancer will receive a gift for this by finding the right path to their personal happiness, creating a home, and it brings a lot of good luck to the Cancer about the family. Karma and destiny will open the family-fortune energy, and Cancer's dreams about home and family will be fulfilled..

Labradorite is a crystal of Cancer for happiness, spiritual development, understanding, analysis, and success. In addition, Labradorite is also a crystal that helps the Cancer to understand what connection he has with someone in this life, helping them understand what his purpose for someone is. Labradorite helps to understand who must be helped, who needs to be let go of, who hurts the Cancer and what lessons are to be learned. Labradorite is very beneficial to Cancer on a very personal level. Labradorite helps Cancer to understand what he needs to do with his relationships at different levels.

Labradorite should definitely be represented in a Cancer birth crystal chest. In addition to Labradorite helping the Cancer to fulfil its life purpose, it will also bring intuition and general spiritual development. You can read about the birth crystal chest and its creation from HERE.

Lesson to Cancer - even if you feel bad, let the needy come under your wing, heal, help, and let them fly again. If you help the needy, you will find even more happiness in your life. Let the happiness come, do not hide yourself when you are needed.