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SELENITE has a beautiful appearance in white tone, greyish shades, lined and cracked structure. There is also an orange tone is Selenite. Selenite belongs to the gypsum family and originates mainly in Morocco, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. In these countries, there is a lot of Selenite. In addition, Selenite is also found in the United States and Greece.

The composition of the Selenite is water, which means that Selenite is sensitive to water and water can damage its structure. In this regard, I have always said to keep Selenite away from water, you should not wash Selenite and, if at all, clean it gently with a damp cloth. Selenite is semiprecious stone or mineral with a relatively soft structure and therefore easy to break, and it must be used very delicately not to hurt this crystal. It is best if you find a place for Selenite in your home so that it can work comfortably with you. You also need to be careful when wearing Selenite jewellery so that they wouldn’t get damaged. 

The main effect of Selenite is to bring peace, balance, stability and prosperity into your life. In addition to bringing peace energies, Selenite is also one of the strongest and most needed Angel crystals. Selenite will help to have a connection with Angels open the necessary portals for Angels, and bring you together with your guardian Angel - your most important Angel who is meant to guard you and help you in this life on Earth.

Selenite is very popular among many people with a reason – it's a crystal that helps you to clear your thoughts. If you hold Selenite in your hands, your thoughts will automatically clear up and inner peace will emerge. Selenite releases unnecessary thoughts and leaves the ones you need to think about.

If you are looking for a crystal that helps to create peace in you, Selenite is definitely the right crystal to create inner peace. Staying close to Selenite, using it or wearing it will help to bring peace inside you.

Selenite protects you from other people's effects, energy-vampire, bullying, negativity, and manipulations. Selenite helps to block from the negative effects of other people.

Better home energy without stress and nervous energy

There is no right place for Selenite in your house, Selenite is always needed and it can be placed anywhere. It is very useful to bring Selenite to your home, it helps to keep your home energy healthy. Selenite helps to make your home more relaxed, stress free, worry-free and more enjoyable place to be. In addition to Selenite healing the home energy, this crystal will also help Angels to move in your home and it will increase the work of other Angel crystals, or amplify them.


Selenite is a crystal that amongst the crystals produces spiritual rather than physical support. This, of course, because Selenite is connected to the upper Chakra or the Crown Chakra. With its power, Selenite helps to open you to the world of Angels and make you more spiritual.

Telepathic communication with your Angels and their protection

Selenite helps to strengthen your telepathic skills, and above all with your Angels. The more you surround yourself with Selenite crystals, the more powerful the telepathic contact with your Angels becomes. Place various Selenite crystals in different spots around the house to strengthen the telepathic communications with your Angels.

I advise you to place a piece of Selenite in each corner of your home so that this crystal can build a protective network of Angels around your home. Another option is to put at least one piece of Selenite in each room so that your home can be protected and telepathic communication with Angels could be guaranteed.

When you build your home, be sure to add a piece of Selenite to the foundation of the house to put protection on it during construction.

Therapy room

Selenite is very important crystal for a therapy room. Selenite helps to carry out different types of healing therapies, for example, in my own session room, where I carry out private meetings, there are many Selenite crystals. Selenite helps my mind go to the level where I hear, see and perceive the life of another person, their life, their experiences, problems, the future, etc. Selenite helps me to go to a level where visions are easy to come.

Selenite is definitely needed in the therapy room, so that the person who comes to therapy, can relax, release his stress from his Aura and allow the healing to reach him.

Selenite helps to keep relationships healthy

It is very useful to keep Selenite home or near you because this crystal helps the relationships to heal and stay together. Selenite will only release those relationships that have survived their time, from which you no longer have anything to learn and what has done its work in this life. All the other relationships that must exist, from which you have something to learn, and which must stay together, Selenite will help.

Keep Selenite crystal in your home so that you, your partner and your other family members would get along well. Selenite helps to resolve disagreements more quickly and bring harmony into relationships.

In addition to everything, Selenite helps to believe in love, increase hope, and this crystal teaches you to look good in your loved ones. Every person, who is brought to your life, has something that teaches you or offers you goodness. Selenite teaches you to see and understand why one or the other person is in your life.

If you feel that a romantic relationship has begun to lose pleasure, positivity and enjoyment of each other's company, then Selenite will help to restore all this. By staying close to Selenite, this crystal will help you to enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Getting pregnant and protection of an unborn child

Selenite helps a woman to get pregnant when fate has given her permission, and this crystal will let a destined soul to be born. Selenite helps to prevent miscarriages, pregnancies that have developed wrong and brings the child to life when the child wants to come. For this purpose, Selenite should be kept under the bed. In addition, Selenite helps to protect the unborn baby.

Keep on the window sill to keep away bad spirits and demons

Incubus are bad and demonic souls who enter the human dream world. Selenite is a crystal that helps to keep this sort of souls away from your home. In order to prevent bad and demonic souls from reaching your home, place Selenite crystals on your window sills. If you or one of your other family members sees nightmares in dreams or is afraid to fall asleep, be sure to put Selenite on a window sill.


-Selenite is used to heal the back problems of the ethereal body. It is very useful to use and wear Selenite to those who have problems with the vertebral column, who have had a back operation. The use of Selenite helps to recover faster and reduce back pain.

- A crystal that helps to get pregnant, prevent miscarriages and pregnancy-related problems.

-I recommend wearing and using Selenite when there is a tumour in the body. Selenite helps to stop the growth of the tumour at the level of the etheric body and even to eliminate it. Selenite helps in the emotional level, helping to reduce the stress that comes with the tumour growth.

-Selenite heals the soul at a very deep level, helping to release stress from the body and soul. It is very beneficial to wear Selenite during periods of depression, nerve blockage, or self-harm.

For healing purposes, wear Selenite jewellery or keep it near you.

Selenite is a very fragile crystal and it does not tolerate water. When exposed to water, it begins to decompose, so be sure not to make water elixir with Selenite, nor wash it with water.

The healing power of crystals is at the level of the ethereal body.


Selenite is one of the healing crystals of TAURUS. Selenite helps Taurus to bring balance to his life and learn to create balance in every area. Selenite helps Taurus to understand what is the purpose of his life and how to implement it. Selenite will help Taurus to understand what he or she should do or how to behave in different situations. Selenite helps Taurus to get along with other people, better understand and support them. Selenite supports one of the goals of the Taurus, which is given to him by its constellation. Selenite is perfectly suited to Taurus’s birth crystal set

Read more about what is the life goal of a Taurus, what he has to achieve in this life. You can find this article HERE.

Selenite helps CANCER to find peace, balances anxiety in him and improves home energy. Helps when he can't handle his emotions and vulnerability. Selenite connects Cancer to the world of Angels - this is very important for many born under this sign.

Only crystal directly in contact with your skin should be charged on geodes.

You can charge Selenite on a Desert Rose geode when you're not using it. At least once a month cleanse it with Jasmine incense.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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