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UNAKITE tumbled

UNAKITE tumbled
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UNAKITE is a greenish-orange crystal that is a combination crystal of  Jasper, Quartz and Epidote. Unakite is mainly found in USA  Unaka mountain and it’s also mined in South-Africa Zimbabwe. The most important energetic properties of Unakite are love of children, rurality and sense of the Earth. Unakite helps the parent to make contact with the child and also helps to make strong contact with nature, the world or the whole universe.

Unakite creates a strong sense of peace by helping to meditate, always thinking one's thoughts clearly, finding peace even in situations where peace does not exist. Unakite is a crystal of self-search, with the ability to find thoughts that belong to the purpose of your life. Unakite brings to mind things that are related to your destiny and helps to "just promote knowledge".

Unakite has a leading effect on emotions, feelings and love. Unakite has the ability to put your thoughts into a very healthy state of mind when we talk about feelings. Unakite blocks misconceptions about relationships. This will help you make the right relationship decisions. Unleash harmful emotions and make your world of thought healthier. A very useful crystal for those who cannot love unconditionally and who are in danger of going into the wrong relationship. 

It is good to keep Unakite on various plants in your home and thus direct the properties of this crystal into yourself. Unakite works well with different plants, especially with Zanzibar gem, Peace LilySnake plant and Aglaonema. Through these plants, Unakite sends his energies to your home Aura. So, if you can't find the exact location of Unakite in your home, place it next to the plants. In addition, Unakite is also able to keep the plants healthy, which is why you could use this crystal in this way.

Unakite helps to grow spiritually bigger and more powerful. It is a crystal that helps you understand what signs are being sent to you, and Unakite teaches you to read those signs. Unakite reveals in your soul the ability to see connections and understand why something exists in your life. If you want to get such energy from Unakite, you can fill your home with it by placing Unakite crystals in different rooms. When you do so, you are actually opening up the spiritual development of all the family members who live in the same home as you.

In a home with much Unakite crystal you can perform more magical rituals than in a home where there are none. For the simple reason that Unakite helps to fix various magical activities in the Aura Field of the home and gives strength to fulfil them. Especially when the rituals are related to desires.

The Unakite crystal has many good qualities that support you on a spiritual level. It's also great for someone who has their own business or who works on their own. Unakite helps bring in money in the activities you practice. Be it seasonal sales, year-round business or anything you want to make work. This crystal is especially useful for the fresh entrepreneur. 

Wear an Unakite crystal if you want a fast result. In fact, this applies to all crystals. If you want to absorb energy quickly, always wear it as jewellery. For example, you can use polished crystals when decorating an office, point of sale or cabinet according to Feng Shui. Unakite goes together well with a Chalcopyrite - they enhance each other's energies and help ensure the flow of cash. 

Unakite is a health crystal that supports those who want to get rid of bad eating or consumption habits. 

Unakite is suitable for you if you have problems with overeating, poor eating habits, smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Wear a Unakite crystal to discipline yourself and put yourself on a healthier pace of life. When wearing this crystal, focus on getting the results you want. If you have problems overeating, set Unakite to work with it to help you eat less. 

Unakite is also very useful for children who eat very little or who do not like vegetables and other healthy foods. Unakite animal-shaped talismans, heart talismans and much other jewellery are cute and very suitable for a child. Keep the polished Unakite crystal in the kitchen to bring better eating habits to all family members. 

Given to a couple to give them luck for love

Unakite unites loved ones and is given to a couple who wish happiness in love. Unakite is given as an anniversary gift, for a wedding or just to wish happiness.

If you are in a relationship, you can also use Unakite for your own relationship. The best place for an Unakite would be inside a set of love crystals if such a set already exists. Another option is to keep it in front of your picture or, if you are married, inside a box where various wedding-related items are kept. 

Opens children to communicate and talk about their own problems

It is useful to keep Unakite in the children's room to open the children to talk about their problems. If you have a child who can't express his or her concerns, holds on to problems, and who creates tension for him- or herself, Unakite is very useful for solving this problem. Place Unakite crystals in a plant pot in the child's bedroom so that the child opens up and becomes more open when talking about worries. If your child has their own set of crystals, place Unakite among the other crystals.


Unakite has one very interesting feature, which is the ability to attract animals. Unakite only works with those who like animals and who do not want to hurt them or hunt them. It is especially useful to carry the Unakite with you in the forest if you want to meet the animals there. Useful for those who like to take pictures of nature. If you want to attract animals to your backyard, then plant a plant and bury Unakite under that plant. Unakite helps to attract animals and in a good way, it encourages animals to walk around your home, not to loot your backyard. 

If you have a dog or another pet at home, it is helpful to keep Unakite in your household. This is because this crystal helps to calm the animal, heal it and achieve a good connection with the pet. It is especially useful to bring the Unakite home when a new pet is taken. Unakite helps the animal to adapt quickly and get used to the new life change.

Releasing bad energy created by other people from home Aura field

Unakite is very useful when you move to a new place where someone else has lived before. Unakite has the ability to block energy from other people from reaching your Aura, helping you to adapt to a new place and blocking nervousness or other negative energy from receiving a new home from the Aura. Unakite helps to gradually release bad energy that someone else has left there. In order to receive such energy from Unakite, you can place it in a pot of your own home plants. 

Getting pregnant, pregnancy and fertility

For women, this crystal is a fertility crystal that helps to conceive, remove the fears associated with not conceiving, and in addition, Unakite is able to create a strong bond between the mother and the unborn child. To get Unakite fertility energy, I suggest creating a set of fertility crystals and you could start carrying it with you. Alternatively, you can place different fertility crystals with Unakite next to/under your bed. Unakite increases fertility energy and helps release the emotional blockades that a woman usually creates for herself. Other fertility crystals that are compatible with Unakite are for example Red Jasper, Red Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Mookaite.

The crystal elixir of a relationship, love and fertility luck

Make yourself a crystal elixir with Moonstone, Unakite and Carnelian. Keep these three crystals in a water jug or glass for at least 20 minutes before drinking the crystal water. During this time, these crystals come to charge their power in the water. When different crystals are placed together in water, the water is charged with more specific energy and the common properties of these crystals emerge from these crystals.

An elixir made of these three crystals brings relationship happiness, love and, if necessary, fertility into your soul. Fertility energy is only activated if you really want to become pregnant or if the elixir is drunk by a man who wants to have a baby with his partner. If not, it will only bring relationship happiness and love. Your minds betray what you need most.

Do this elixir when you feel that you want to bring good luck to yourself. You can drink this elixir for as many days in a row as you want to drink it. Elixir makes you feel good, helps to solve your relationship problems and helps to attract love into your life. If necessary, it also increases the happiness of the child.

A crystal that brings good sleep to men

For men, Unakite is a good sleep crystal, helping you to fall asleep and have a deep sleep. It is especially suitable for those men who fall asleep but wakes up after every small voice or light, and in the end, the sleep is still very poor. To do this, the Unakite crystal must be carried with you like a piece of jewellery, or another option is to place it together with other sleep-promoting crystals. If such crystals have not yet been brought to the bedroom, which would bring a good peaceful sleep, then it may also be the first crystal of a good night's sleep. Find a base or box for this crystal, where you can keep it and where you can add other crystals with similar effects later.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, make a water elixir of tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

Hormonal problems, fertility problems and health problems.

- Helps to free addictive diseases such as watching TV, playing games on the computer, being on the phone all the time and all addictions related to electronics.

- Unakite helps get rid of alcohol problems.

- Cardiac nerves, arrhythmias, heart attack prevention and cardiovascular problems

If you have family members who have a serious problem watching TV all the time, place Unakite crystals in front of the TV or in a pot next to the TV. This is to block the constant need to watch TV. 


Unakite heals the Heart Chakra by helping to increase compassion, promote caring, and most importantly, this crystal helps to be more positive and loving to the family.

Unakite makes SCORPIO feel good and also helps to make them happier by increasing the Scorpions' cheerfulness, vitality, energy and restoring their energy reserves. Unakite has the ability to guide Scorpions to dream and also helps to make those dreams come true. 

Unakite is a healing crystal for  VIRGOS born on the September 15-17.

You can charge Unakite on a Vanadinite Baryte or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with Thyme essential oil

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
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