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ALOE ritual & magic candle

ALOE ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
ALOE ritual & magic candle
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ALOE is a versatile ritual plant and its essence can be used in many protection, prosperity or cleansing rituals. The aloe plant is a highly regarded force that has been used in rituals for over 5,000 years. You can read more about aloe in my article, which you can find HERE.

Use aloe candle in rituals and magic, where it is needed. If, for example, some magic recipes state the need for an aloe candle, be sure not to omit it, otherwise, the magic cannot work and bring you the desired result.

When you visit La Tene boutiques, always choose candles sensing their scent. Discover which scent you like the most and it will show you what candle you need the most at the moment. Order candles from the e-shop based on their power or the fact that you already know which candle is best for you.

Cleaning of home and power items

With an aloe candle and aloe incense, you can clean the prosperity corner of your home in the South-east, or prosperity crystals and power items.

Burn the candle next to the Rock Crystal geode where there may be different power items or crystal jewellery. The aloe candle helps to speed up the cleaning of these crystals and at the same time cleans the Aura of your home together with the Rock Crystal.

Activating and cleaning the home health corner

Burn an aloe candle at home in the East quarter, where there is a health corner according to Feng Shui. If Aloe is burned there, it will help to cure the diseases that have entered the home and are bothering the family members. It releases negative energy, which can contribute to illness in your home. It is especially useful to burn it when there are several people in the family struggling with health problems. In addition to the home, the aloe candle is used to clean oneself and also crystals, which are designed to solve health problems.

If the family is hit by misfortune

Aloe candles are burned right in the middle of the home when things have started to move downhill or family members have lost their health. Aloe essence helps to clean up the misfortune energy in the house.

To activate prosperous energies

Aloe symbolizes prosperous energies, Aloe candle can be used to attract different kinds of riches and grow prosperous energies. If you want to activate the energy of money luck, light a candle, thinking about all this. Use candles to send your wishes, every candle has its own power, Aloe provides an opportunity to fulfil worldly desires and dreams. Suitable for burning with  Basil incense and also together with green or white candles.

Burn an aloe candle whenever cosmic energies are good for increasing abundance or when cosmic energies bring earthly happiness. Burn the aloe candle in the middle of the prosperity crystals in the Eastern or South-eastern direction to activate the action of these crystals. 

A ritual of new love during the Full Moon

During the full moon, burn aloe candle next to love-attracting crystals to activate them for work, or burn it at home to bring love to your life. You can find the calendar of lunar phases HERE.

Meditation and gaining visions

Hold an aloe candle by your side when you feel you need deep meditation and want to see visions. Aloe helps to relax and is a good force for predictions.

Burn aloe candles in the bedroom just before bed to create relaxing energy. First, it helps to fall asleep and then it helps to bring good news through sleep to the future. 

Keeping black angels away

Burn aloe candles at home when you feel like "someone" is walking around your home. Aloe helps to close the path through which black angels or home visitors enter our house, then helps these angels to leave. The proximity of black angels can lead to negative thoughts and aggressive behaviour.

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Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candlel ca 60h. ATTENTION: COLOR OF THE CANDLES CAN BE DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE!
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