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BASIL ritual & magic candle

BASIL ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
BASIL ritual & magic candle
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BASIL is from the mint family and its name comes from the Greek word king, due to the special aroma of this plant. Basil is one of the most accessible, easier to grow and most powerful ritual plants. I like simple plants for home cleaning magic, and basil is one of my undisputed favourites and necessary plants. Basil is first and foremost a strong protective plant and was later used in love and money magic. The basil essence combined with candlelight makes this candle a powerful magic item that can be used for various purposes.

Activating the prosperity corner

Burn the Basil candle next to your box of prosperity, in the corner of abundance, or in the south-east corner of the home, or in the far left corner of the front door of the home, if you have brought prosperity crystals there. A candle with a basil essence helps to activate the crystals of prosperity. If you want to clean these crystals at the same time, keep a Patchouli or Aloe incense.

Basil candle symbolizes prosperity and wealth. A candle that burns to activate energies such as money energy, lottery energy, prosperity energy, the fulfilment of desires and dreams. When you burn a Basil candle, all the items, jewellery, crystals, rituals and magic that you have brought to your home for such purposes become active. 

If there has been a quarrel

Burn a Basil candle in a room where there has been a conflict or near yourself if you have just had very unpleasant conversations. The basil essence helps to release very quickly the negativity that has arrived in your Aura during disputes. If you burn a candle with a Basil essence in the room where the dispute has taken place, it will help to end the dispute and prevent you from bringing the same problem into the house in the future.

Raising the energy of love and activating love crystals

Basil is a well-known love plant, and with its essence, burn a candle in the middle of love crystals to activate them. Burn a candle just before going to bed in your bedroom if you want to anticipate future love at night. In this case, the Basil candle can be burned in the middle of the Astral travel crystals. Burn a candle in the middle of the home to move the energy of love in the house so that all the people there feel good and the interactions are great.

Protecting your home from pesky neighbours

Basil essence and oil have been used through the ages to scare away the thoughts and harmful actions of a troubled neighbour. Basil essence has the ability to change the mind of an evil person and can be applied to neighbours. To do this, burn Basil candles against the wall behind your neighbour. If it is a neighbour living in another house, burn a candle in front of your front door and later sprinkle fresh Basil leaves next to the neighbour's garden.

Use the Basil candle in various magic where the importance of the Basil is mentioned.

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Burn time Small ca 40h, medium ca 60h
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