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PEPPERMINT ritual & magic candle

PEPPERMINT ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
PEPPERMINT ritual & magic candle
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PEPPERMINT is for you to perform various magical rituals that require a candle made with peppermint essence. Peppermint is a plant that symbolizes wealth, protection, dreaming, dream vision and a great deal of spirituality. A peppermint candle will help open your senses to magical activities.

Peppermint candle carries with it the energies of prosperity, cash flow, astral travel, visions, and healing. Burn a Peppermint candle in those rituals and magic where the presence of this candle is necessary. You can also burn it to bring prosperity into your life.

- It is very useful to burn peppermint candle just before going to bed (preferably in the middle of dream crystals) to be able to have prophetic visions at night. It is a dream activation candle that opens your mind to dreams.

- Peppermint is related to the activation of visions and thus it also helps to open your intuition. It is very useful to burn Peppermint candle when you are meditating or when you want to catch visions. Very useful even if you need to decide something.

- Peppermint candle is especially useful to burn when you are engaged in divination, as it helps to come to you with the right answers. Burn this candle when predicting with runes or other means of divination.

- Peppermint candle symbolizes prosperous energy, so it is good to burn it in the middle of various crystals of prosperity, cash flow, success and material happiness in order to activate and make these crystals more efficient.

- It is useful to burn this candle during the Full Moon to bring prosperous dreams to life. You can find the Lunar phase calendar HERE. To do this, you could wish one specific material wish while the candle is lit so that it could be fulfilled through the power of the Full Moon. In addition to being a candle covered with the power of prosperity, you can also wish for visions.

- In addition to wishing during the Full Moon, you can do one wish magic every day. Burn Palo Santo next to a Peppermint candle or some other incense with prosperous energy so that this candle will open the flow of money in your life. If you burn incense that invites angels and vision next to it, you may also wish for visions.

- Burning Peppermint candle activates you to heal yourself. This means that you will start to pay more attention to yourself and notice the places in yourself that need to be changed. If you want to bring healing to your home, be sure to burn Peppermint candle.

- If you are performing various material or health-oriented rituals/magic, burn a green candle in the same room. It activates any magical activity.

You can read more about candle from full-length article HERE.

Candles are one of the oldest power items used in rituals and magic. The candle flame will help send your thoughts and wishes!
Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candle ca 60h. ATTENTION: THE COLOR OF THE CANDLES MAY DIFFER FROM THE PICTURE!
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