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VANILLA ritual & magic candle

VANILLA ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
VANILLA ritual & magic candle
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VANILLA CANDLE is for you to perform various magical rituals, where you need a candle made with a vanilla essence. Vanilla is a very beautiful plant, the aroma of which is very pleasant and healing the senses. Vanilla symbolizes love, romance, sensuality, passion and novelty. A candle made from vanilla plant extract is a magical tool that can be used to perform various rituals and magic. Burning a vanilla candle brings with it exactly what it symbolizes.

Vanilla candles can be used in many different ways to protect yourself, your family and your home:

- Use the Vanilla candle in those rituals and magics where the Vanilla candle is marked. Be sure to do it and just so that your wish will come true. A vanilla candle is generally needed in rituals and magic related to love.

- Burn a vanilla candle in your own home if you feel that you want to make the atmosphere in your home more lovable and romantic. It is very useful to burn a vanilla candle if you want to get along between with your partner.

 - By burning a vanilla candle, the energies of this plant are transferred to your home, they relieve tension and stress, especially the tension in the relationship. If you don't get along well or small quarrels have violated the ability to enjoy each other and be happy with each other, then Vanilla candle is very useful. It helps to focus on the partner's strengths, not his or her mistakes or problems. When burning a vanilla candle, you always want something related to love and a relationship. When you are in a relationship, you want better times in your relationship, single, to meet your soulmate someday. Always burn candles meaningfully.

- Burn a candle in your bedroom if you want to use the ritual power of Vanilla to ensure a good night's sleep or a more romantic atmosphere.

- Burn a vanilla candle during the creation of the New Moon to help bring love into your life. Suitable for both single and committed people. A vanilla candle brings new love to single people and good relationship luck.

- It is very useful to give a vanilla candle to someone to whom you want to give love happiness. The vanilla candle goes very well with Mango Calcite and Kunzite crystal. By holding these two crystals next to the Vanilla candle, they help to create the energy of love and increase the happiness of the relationship.

- Burn a vanilla candle if you want to heal your Heart Chakra. If you feel you need healing, emotional balance, and love, the power of this candle will help you.

- Burn the Vanilla Candle when the cosmic forces bring out the energy of love, the portal or the field.

- Vanilla candle is the most useful for burning in the southwestern and western quarters according to home Feng Shui therapy. There are channels of love, getting along and romance in the home there. Burning a vanilla candle helps to heal them.

- The smell of vanilla candle helps to remove the nervous atmosphere and it is recommended to use it when there is a scandal, nervousness, stress or even aggressive behaviour in the house. A vanilla candle will help relieve stress in your home and your family members.

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Candles are one of the oldest magical tools used in rituals and magic. The flame of the candle will help launch your thoughts and wishes!

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