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La Tene bracelet LIBRA "INNER BALANCE"

La Tene bracelet LIBRA "INNER BALANCE"
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Last pieces, limited quantity.

This is the La Tene zodiac sign bracelet INNER BALANCE collection. This jewellery is specially designed for those born in the LIBRA zodiac sign. This is also for those who are born during the zodiac cusp and whose main zodiac sign is Libra.

I created the collection of inner balance bracelets to provide energetic support to each constellation. This piece of jewellery has White Howlite, which symbolizes inner peace, balance, well-being and is one of the strongest crystals for stress relief. I have combined this crystal with the happiness and peace crystal of each zodiac sign. This jewellery is assembled with a special bracelet rubber band, which makes it very comfortable to wear. This bracelet is adorned with gilded 925 silver pearls, which make this jewellery particularly striking.

The La Tene zodiac sign bracelet LIBRA "INNER BALANCE" has this sign’s luck crystal Prehnite next to the uppermost peace crystal White Howlite. The combination of these two crystals is useful for Libra, helping him to feel good at every moment of his life.

This bracelet can be worn on a daily basis and is especially useful in times of difficulty. Wear this piece of jewellery with other pieces of your own zodiac sign to get even more benefits and support from the world of crystals.

The main abilities of White Howlite are calming the nerves, relieving stress, balancing mood swings and harmonizing the energy of other crystals. It helps the human soul to heal and recover by helping to repair all places with emotional wounds with its supportive energy. White Howlite acts as a patch under which the wound can heal properly. When the White Howlite is worn, it heals the places in the human soul that allow bad energy to reach the soul.

Prehnite helps to get rid of overeating, nervousness and panic. Prehnite is an extremely soothing crystal that helps relieve very old problems from Aura. For example, to release the source of the problem and the nervousness that may have arisen many years ago.

Prehnite helps Libra better understand its gut feeling. It is a crystal that spiritually strengthens the human soul, giving energy so that intuition can become stronger. Prehnite helps to keep away everything a Libra doesn't want in its life, removes fears that attract bad luck. Prehnite protects them from serious health problems and helps them make the best choices for their well-being.

When you’re not wearing this bracelet keep it on a Zeolite geode, like at nights so it could charge itself and recover from helping you. Cleanse it at least once a month with Orchid incense and May Chang essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Read more about your own and friend’s zodiac signs from Tene Laul’s first book. You can find it HERE.

Size Pearl size ca 4 mm.
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