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BLUE CALCITE is mainly known for its qualities that calm and amplify mystical abilities. This is a crystal which can both calm your nerves and, at the same time, make you esoterically smarter. Blue Calcite is useful for you when you wish to improve your mystical abilities and be more successful in that field.

It’s one type of Calcite with the characteristically light blue colour that has a lot of white and yellow tone in it. The main component of Blue Calcite is calcium carbonate. All other minerals that come into contact with this mineral will change the colour of all Calcites. This is what happened to Blue Calcite. Blue Calcite is a fragile crystal that needs to be handled with care. 

Relieves anxiety, nervousness and stress

The main quality of Blue Calcite is calming nerves. It can be kept together with other stress relieving crystals on the bedroom nightstand, so Blue Calcite could remove the anxiety in your soul during the night. It’s especially useful to keep Blue Calcite in the bedroom of small kids or newborns, as it helps to adapt faster to new and constantly changing situations.

I recommend keeping it in other rooms, at work, as close to the front door as possible, so Blue Calcite could help a person overworking to catch the moment he should rest and stop working.

Blue Calcite on the desk of a school child helps the kid to focus on a specific task and helps to get rid of excessive nervousness or impatience that could come up when one can’t finish the task fast enough.

Brings back your inner peace and balance

Blue Calcite helps to understand in which life period you’re at, what you should do and achieve today. Blue Calcite helps you to understand yourself better and see the larger picture of your life. Use this crystal in times when you need clarity, know which direction you should move and what you should do in your life at that moment. Blue Calcite is a very good crystal to develop an intuition that, at the same time, relieves the confusion in you and strengthens your ability to make the right decisions. 

Keep this crystal in your pocket daily so it could help the negativity from other people pass you and not have an effect on you. Also when you wish to get rid of negativity and not pass it on to others.

Angel crystal

Blue Calcite has the ability to contact with Angels and experience astral projection. That’s why this crystal suits to the nightstand in your bedroom and actually for two purposes: firstly it relieves stress and nervousness and then when the purpose is fulfilled, Blue Calcite helps to experience a powerful astral through sleep.

Cleanser and protector of home Aura

In Lunar magic, Blue Calcite is used to clean the home from stress. For that, Blue Calcite is kept with a smoking Sage ritual plant during the Full Moon.

Blue Calcite can be kept next to the front door or be added to the already existing home protection set, to protect the household from thieves.


Blue Calcite carries metal element in itself, therefore this crystal can be used in rooms where there is a lack of metal, like on the study or work desk -  Blue Calcite metal element helps to focus on reaching your goals.


- Blue Calcite helps to spiritually heal spasms, helps them to go away and accelerates the process. Use Blue Calcite together with Cedarwood essential oil, that’s know to be useful for getting rid of spasms. Put cedarwood essential oil with a carrier oil on the spasm and keep Blue Calcite crystal on that place. Do this healing therapy several days in a row.

- With a lung disease, Blue Calcite is helpful for alternative therapy. When lungs are weak, ill or they have functional problems, start using this crystal. Hold Blue Calcite on lungs every day when you rest. This helps Blue Calcite to transmit healing signal and energy to lungs.

- Blue Calcite has painkilling abilities, it’s useful to do water-elixir from it or keep it on a place that hurts. A very good painkiller in addition to Blue Calcite is Smoky Quartz and Lavender essential oil.


Blue Calcite is related to healing the Throat Chakra. Blue Calcite helps those who are unable to establish themselves, stuck with their opinion, who allow themselves to be affected too much with gossip or what other people say. Blue Calcite helps when the person has been suppressed a lot in childhood, also when they have been left without love in the childhood. For Blue Calcite to heal all of this you need to wear this crystal near your Throat Chakra as a piece of jewellery or place it under the bed or between the mattress right where the Throat Chakra is situated.


Blue Calcite is the crystal for Pisces. Blue Calcite helps to bring out his intuitive, spiritual and mystical abilities. When a Pisces wants to become more intuitive, then it would be good to start using this crystal. Blue Calcite helps to improve the sensing of the world, helping to see and sense things more clearly. Pisces needs to stop wearing Blue Calcite when he needs to focus more on material transactions. Blue Calcite helps to value more the spiritual side and therefore could become a disturbing factor with material things. 

It’s best to charge Blue Calcite on a Celectite geode and clean it once a month with a Sage ritual plant or Sage essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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