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ONYX tumbled

ONYX tumbled
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ONYX is a truly beautiful black crystal that has a calming and energy-healing effect. This crystal protects you from both external and internal factors that affect you badly personally. Helps to get rid of fears and teaches to transform oneself into someone positive and joyful. If you are looking for a crystal that can help you find joy in life again and make you happy, then you are at the right crystal! 

Onyx is a black crystal with different types. Black Onyx is plain Onyx and it is formed from Lava. Onyx is mainly found from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India and Russia. Onyx is one of the most popular crystals in the world and one of the first protection crystals that anyone could have. That is why it is the first because it has the ability to quickly find a place in a person's Aura. It has the ability to quickly create protection and divert negative energy out of the Aura. This makes Onyx a much-needed crystal, helping other crystals to work faster and bring about rapid changes in one's own life for the better.

Onyx is a very strong crystal that reacts to any energy that comes in or is near it. So, if Onyx does its job, or has helped you enough and got rid of its energy, it will crack and break. This is especially the case with crystals that have not been properly cleaned or charged on geodes nor cleansed with ritual plant smoke. If your Onyx cracks and almost breaks, be good and release this crystal into river water or the forest. 

Protector of the aura, healer and strengthener of the soul

The main feature of Onyx is to protect its wearer from energy loss. Onyx creates a strong shield around its wearer, helping to protect other people from negativity and malice. This crystal has the ability to heal the human Aura by helping to repair the energy holes in the Aura. Energy holes are the places in your Aura that let your good energy go away, and if you have energy holes, you usually don't feel well. There can be obstacles, problems in every aspect of life, and there is a lot of confusion in the air. At the same time, this person may also feel that everyone wants to hurt him. It is often the case that when there are holes in a person's Aura, other people start bullying that person. They begin to steal, criticize, ridicule and even harass the energy. For those whose Aura is healthy, that is without aura holes or leaks, no one comes jokingly with their negativity. Onyx helps to keep unnecessary energy out of your soul, which is of no use to you. Onyx protects against problems, trials, and events that do not teach you. To help those who constantly find themselves in unpleasant and bad situations. Onyx protects against misfortune!

Lying detector

Onyx has one extremely good quality, which is to seek out lies. If you wear Onyx constantly or even on a daily basis, it will help you catch liars. In other words, if you wear this crystal, you will recognize in the conversation whether the person is sincere with you or not. With a lot of people, Onyx reacts to liars or people who want evil so that it gets hotter on your body when you are lied to or a bad person is standing next to you. This crystal will help you get rid of lying that could hurt you. However, it helps to learn how to tell a lie in places where you have to tell another story to protect yourself. So it promotes positive lying and removes bad lying skills within you. I have advised many parents to give Onyx to teenagers who are constantly hiding or lying and causing problems for their parents. Onyx helps against lying on purpose and for bad purposes.

Home protection crystal

It is very useful to use the strong protective properties of Onyx to strengthen the shield of your home. Onyx fits perfectly between the walls of your home, it helps to create strong protection over your home, which in turn protects your home and the people living in it from misfortune and evil.

You can put Onyx anywhere in your home, it will protect the area of your home where it is. It is very useful to keep it at the front door of the home, and if there is a set of home protection crystals, then Onyx fits perfectly with other protection crystals.

It is useful to keep onyx at home because it has the ability to keep stress-energy away from the home, to conduct it through the walls of the home, as well as to get rid of all the bad that exists at home. Onyx acts like a filter that prevents negative energy from existing in your home.

The Feng Shui Water Element, or the North direction crystal

Onyx carries with it the energy of the water element, which has a calming, energy-reducing, balancing and cleansing effect. Onyx is suitable for keeping your home in the Northern Quarter, where it works exactly as the power of the water element works in it. It is useful to create a set of crystals for each quarter at home, where you collect the crystals needed for the respective quarter. By keeping the crystals at home according to quarters, these channels existing in these quarters are activated. Holding Onyx in the Northern quarter opens a channel of harmony. If you feel that your home lacks harmony and balance, be sure to bring several Onyx crystals to the Northern quarter of your home.

Helping to avoid negative thoughts

Onyx has one very good and beneficial effect, which is why I recommend this crystal quite often to many people. Onyx is able to ground negative thoughts, shut them down, keep them away, and does so when they are not worth thinking about. There are negative thoughts that arise within a person that needs to be addressed, which are like signs and warnings, but most negative thoughts are still redundant. Onyx helps block these superfluous negative thoughts by stopping them from forming and focusing on them.

Keep onyx in your home when you feel that you become negative and pessimistic while at home. It is also very useful to keep Onyx at home so that you do not suffer from unfounded fears and panic.

Protects against curses and black magic

Onyx is one of the crystals that belong to those who have the skill, strength and power to prevent curses and black magic. Onyx helps keep you away from the evil of someone else. If you feel that someone hates and despises you, covets your wealth, and you feel threatened by it, you will surely find a place for Onyx in your life. We must protect ourselves from such bad, evil, hostile and malicious people. Onyx protects you from all this.

If you know that you have a rival who spreads stories about you, harms your reputation and does everything to make you feel bad, it pays to carry Onyx with you for a long time. In addition, Onyx should be kept firmly at home so that the effect of Onyx is greater for you.

Keep Onyx together with other crystals containing the same energy in one bag or box, in which you add your photo if you want to protect yourself from a curse and black magic. Keep this bag or box in your own home. In addition to Onyx, also Nuumite, Chiastolite, Black Agate, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, JetHypersthene and many other protection crystals will help to protect you from curses and black magic.

In addition, I recommend the ritual of "Blocking curses", you can find it HERE. Both the ritual and creating a crystal set is useful as one complements another.

Keep Onyx in your car to protect your car from vandalism

Onyx is a protective crystal that not only protects you and your home, it can also protect your car. Keep Onyx in your car to protect it from vandalism. Onyx helps prevent intentional scratches, scrapes, dents, flat tires and other problems. If your car has been broken, you should definitely take Onyx to your car so that it doesn't happen again, and if it hasn't happened yet, you can still take it there for prevention. In addition to Onyx, I recommend keeping a different wheel of suns in your car that will protect your car from accidents and other problems.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Onyx could be used for healing purposes by anyone who has problems with alcohol abuse. Onyx helps to get rid of alcoholism and the accompanying personal disorder.

- I recommend using Onyx in healing during pregnancy to protect the expectant mother from miscarriage and the various complications that can occur during pregnancy. Onyx also helps to protect the unborn child from various health problems.

- Onyx is used to cure glaucoma and treat various eye diseases. In addition, wearing and using Onyx is good for dental health.


Onyx works primarily for the benefit of the Root Chakra, helping to heal it and restore the energy of that Chakra. Onyx helps to understand the causes of your own stress, anger or mood swings, if you understand them, then a certain amount of negative energy is released from the Root Chakra, which you retain through these emotions. So Onyx is useful if you have problems with mood swings and anger. These emotions can cause root chakra diseases such as fertility problems and cysts in women.

Onyx also has an effect on the CROWN CHAKRA, by helping to get rid of depressive, self-suppressive, anxious, negative thoughts and suicidal thoughts.


Among zodiac signs, Onyx has the strongest effect on CAPRICORNS, helping to build a strong shield for his Aura. Apart from Capricorn, Onyx also starts working with others, but it works best with Capricorn for defence purposes. Heals and restores the energies of the Root Chakra.

Virgo-Libra zodiac cusp September 19-25

The influence of the crystal is transmitted even if the talisman is worn for another purpose.

Onyx is a filter crystal, which means that it absorbs all the negativity from your Aura and soul. If you want your crystal to work properly with you, you need to take care of it. By constantly charging and cleaning it regularly. 

I recommend charging Onyx on an Agate geode and cleanse it from time to time with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals from HERE.

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