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AVOCADO carrier oil

AVOCADO carrier oil OILS
AVOCADO carrier oil
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AVOCADO OIL is a carrier oil you can use to protect your skin, avoid sunburn, nourish your skin. Avocado oil is a really good natural tanning oil which contains no harmful substances. Everything you give to your body determines your physical and spiritual health. In addition, Avocado oil helps to heal acne and prevent it, improve the way your nails look, get rid of dark circles around the eyes, protect the skin from ageing, remove dandruff, heal wounds quickly.

CARRIER OILS are plant-based oils. Oil is normally obtained from seeds, kernels or nuts, depending on the plant. Carrier oils are extremely useful and necessary when you use essential oils. Essential oils must be mixed with carrier oils when you want to apply them directly on the skin. Most essential oils can cause skin irritation when you apply them directly on the skin. That’s why I’ve mentioned carrier oils with most of the essential oils and making mixtures from them. When you love essential oils and wish to heal yourself with them then you must have a carrier oil to mix it with. To summarize - carrier oils dilute essentials oils and therefore prevent irritations. Carrier oils, in turn, are very nutritious and healthy, and mixing them with essential oils create a very healing combination.

Carrier oils are all very good moisturisers making the skin soft, smooth and improving its looks. Carrier oils can be used without essential oils. They can be mixed with body creams or makeup. Carrier oils help to get rid of try skin and nurture it abundantly so the skin can be protected from problems. It’s good to add carrier oils to bath water when you wish to nourish yourself with a healing essential oil bath. Silky and soft skin is guaranteed. Apply carrier oils all over your skin and make this part of your beauty routine. When you do an essential oil mask for your hair, then be sure to use also a carrier oil.

La Tene carrier oils go together with all the La Tene essential oils, there are no wrong choices or combinations when you mix them together.

Which carrier is best for me?

All different carrier oils are very rich for their healing qualities and it’s hard to make a wrong choice. Over time a favourite may come up and when you use them you’ll feel which one works best for your skin. Be sure to choose the carrier oil also for its healing qualities. Or, alternate between all of them, as I do.

How do they smell?

Generally, carrier oils don’t have a strong aroma and their smell is quite subtle. However, essential oils have a very intense aroma as it’s the substance that makes the plants smell in nature. Carrier oils are very neutral and most of them have a slightly nutty and sweet aroma.

How much carrier oil should you use?

It depends on what you use the carrier oil for. Our skins are different, when you have dry skin then I recommend using more oil when oily then less. Add a light not thick coat of oil to the skin. When there is too much oil on the skin, then rub it so the skin could absorb it. When you want to add a carrier oil to bath water, then you should use more of it, like 2-3 tablespoons. 


Moisturises the skin and leaves it moist

Avocado oil has a lot of useful fats that help your skin shine, be soft, moisturise it and protect it from drying. When the skin dries in the sun then it starts to harm you. Keep your skin as moisturised as possible when you’re out in the sun to avoid skin problems. In addition Avocado oil helping to protect the skin from drying, it helps to give the skin a nice glow and you’ll look a lot healthier thanks to that.

Protects the skin from harmful Sun

When you wish to protect yourself from sun damage then, first, choose something that’s thoroughly healthy for you. Avocado is really good for that, as it helps to protect you from UVA and UVB rays. Put just as much of it as you want on your skin. Of course, I don’t favour over tanning, being too much in the Sun, everything needs to be done in moderation. Sun is good for your body and soul when you have it moderately over time. This makes your stress levels drop, increases positive emotions and then you’ll start to feel better. Too much sunlight wears the soul and surplus Sun energy absorbs all the good in you and does so mainly spiritually.

When nature has given you the opportunity to protect your skin with something plant-based, then why not do it with Avocado oil. This way you’ll do it in a healthy manner by keeping your body and Aura field healthy.

Helps to heal and prevent acne

Avocado oil suits for acne prone skin, it helps the skin to be moisturised and won’t leave it too oily which is not a good thing for acne. Therefore, this is one of the best carrier oils in your fight against acne. When your skin is beautifully clear than using Avocado oil helps to prevent acne and other skin problems.

Good for nails

Avocado carrier oils is a very good carrier for healing nails. When you replace your usual hand cream with Avocado oil and use it to moisturise your skin then it not only makes your hands softer it also changes the health of your nails. Avocado oil nurses your nails and therefore, over time, you can notice stronger and prettier nails.

Get rid of dark circles around your eyes

A lot of people have dark circles, whether genetically, due to insomnia, stress or a certain health condition. You can reduce the dark circles around your eyes with Avocado oil and do so especially when it’s caused by stress and sleeping too little. Every night before bed rubs Avocado oil around your eyes so all darkened parts would be covered with oil. Avoid oil getting to eyes! Avocado is definitely one of the oils that could go into eyes but it still causes discomfort when you won’t wash it off.

Protects the skin from ageing

Avocado oil is a wonderful carrier oil you can use to protect your skin from getting old. This not only protects you from the harmful effects of the Sun and dry skin, but it also helps to keep away wrinkles and skin irregularities. When you wish to maintain your youthful appearance and beautiful looks, then Avocado oil should have a definite place in your body care routine.

Avocado oil has vitamin E in it that helps the skin to be firm and elastic which is an important factor in the fight against ageing. Vitamin E in Avocado oil helps to reduce the inflammation in the skin and this, in turn, helps to prevent wrinkles. Dry skin is affected by ageing faster and the moisturising effect of Avocado oil helps to prevent dry skin.

You can leave Avocado oil on your face, neck and chest area for the night. This way you’ll wake up with a well-rested face and silky-smooth skin. When you apply this oil to your skin then keep in mind to not put too much of it. It’s very important to remember to not use too much carrier oils nor too little. When the oil is running on the skin then everything is good, and when you’re not feeling it on your skin, then this is a sign that you have to add more.

Makes wounds heal faster

Apply Avocado oil to your skin when there is wound somewhere. For example, when you’ve fallen and hurt your skin, then applying Avocado oil on the skin this way helps to make the healing process faster. First, it nurses the skin and helps to revitalise it, secondly, it helps to prevent scarring.

Improves hair growth

Avocado oil is one of the carrier oils that should be part of your hair care. I use both carrier oils and essential oils to improve the way hair looks and the health of the scalp. Avocado oil can make hair grow faster. When you feel like your hair is not growing fast enough and are not thick enough, then be sure to use Avocado oil.

I have a really good recipe for hair growth I wish to share with you. Before washing your hair, put 4 tablespoons of Avocado oil mixed with 10 drops of Cedarwood essential oil and 5 drops of Sage essential oil to your hair. Put the mixture on your scalp. When the whole scalp cant is covered then make the same amount of mixture again. When you feel like your scalp tingles (because of essential oils), then add more Avocado oil. Let the oil/oils sit there for at least 10 minutes and then wash them as always.

You can add Cedarwood essential oil to your conditioner. Cedarwood essential oil has a thick consistency which means it’s hard to get it out of the bottle. Be patient!

In addition to Avocado oil also Cedarwood essential oil helps to promote hair growth and Sage essential oil cleans the scalp.

Removes dandruff

When you make a mixture for hair growth then you’ll get another healing benefit from it – getting rid of dandruff. Avocado oil heals the scalp and helps to get rid of this problem. For Avocado oil to remove dandruff you need to use it every time you wash your hair.


In the spiritual sense, Avocado oil is very good for your body and mostly for your Heart Chakra. When you put it to your skin then Avocado oil will become part of your Aura field. When it’s in your Aura field it directs protective power to your Heart Chakra. Avocado oil creates protection around your Heart Chakra making you spiritually strong and resilient. Your Heart Chakra is protected until you have Avocado oil on your skin and it can quietly heal you without accepting different negative energies that could harm it.

All health advice and information are not health care information. It is Tene's own knowledge and personal opinions and recommendations. 

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The article "Avocado oil – summery healer for the skin and Heart Chakra" can be found from HERE.

All health advice and information are not health care information. It is Tene's own knowledge and personal opinions and recommendations. The use of carrier oils is the own responsibility of every person.

Info From South-Africa. Bottle size 50 ml. Ingredients: Palmitine 10-16%, Palmitic 7-10%, Stearine 0%, Oleic 56-65%, Linoleic 12-15%, Linolenic 2%
Caution All La Tene carrier oils are cold pressed oil. This means the carrier oil has all the necessary vitamins and are useful substances that nurture your skin. La Tene carrier oils are packed in dark coloured bottles for longer shelf life. This protects oils from becoming rancid. Carrier oils can last up to 12 months after opening them. It would be good to use the oil up over that time. When you're fully committed to body care then you'll use them much faster. Keep carrier oils away from direct sunlight to avoid them getting rancid. Carrier oils can ruin clothes when you're not allowing the skin dry before. Keep this in mind.
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