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JUNIPER BERRY essential oil

JUNIPER BERRY essential oil
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JUNIPER is part of the pine family and is very well-known. It’s an evergreen tree with a unique look and is mainly known in EuropeSouth West Asia and North America. Juniper itself has needle-like leaves which colour varies from green to brown. Bluish juniper berries are female seed cones and they are filled with potent essential oil. Juniper berry essential oil is obtained from the steam distillation. It’s an essential oil that fights with different health problems and benefits everyone. It’s known through history that Juniper has been used in traditional medicine and mainly in healing both on the physical and spiritual level.

Juniper berry chemical components: a-pinene, b-pinene, camphene, sabinene, myrcene, a-terpinene, cymene, bornyl acetate, nerol, camphor, nerol, linalool, borneol, linalyl acetate, a-phellandrene, 1,4-cineole, terpinen-4-ol, p-cymene, kao-fenüleen.

Essential oils are very good tools for physical healing and accelerating spiritual growth. No matter what type of essential oil you are using, it has magic inside. The essential oil of Juniper berry likewise has the same magic.


Juniper berry essential oil is a healing spiritual plant oil that can activate crystals and which can contact with Angels, do astral projection, developing intuition, seeing visions and dreams and interpreting them, creating Angel protection, opening spiritual talents, understanding your Karma and path of life, travelling to past lives, etc. Cleanse all your crystal sets and altars for these purposes with Juniper berry essential oil. For that, place an oil lamp near these crystals and burn this essential oil in it. Juniper berry essential oil is spiritually very potent, you can use it often so the spiritual development could be powerful.

When you wish to meditate and see visions, then use Juniper berry essential oil. Apply this oil to your skin before meditation and burn it in an oil lamp during the process. Put essential oil on textiles so the room could be filled with its power (avoid light fabrics or use a towel/cloth because the oil could stain a little).

Before going to bed burn Juniper essential oil with Lavender essential oil. The combination of these oils helps to activate dreaming which is good when you wish to see prophetic visions and remember your dreams in the morning.

Juniper berry essential oil is quite a strong Aura cleanser and its one very good helper by Sage. When, from time to time, you wish to replace Sage cleansing with something else, then replace it with Juniper essential oil. 

When you want to cleanse a bigger amount of negative energy, then burn Juniper Berry essential oil with Nutmeg and Sandalwood essential oil. The trio if these three essential oils release everything that disturbs your life and makes your home into a negative place.


Skin tonic

Apply Juniper berry essential oil with a carrier oil to your skin when you wish your skin to look radiant and beautiful. It’s a natural tonic that helps your skin to heal and look more elastic and healthy. Using Juniper berry essential oil cleanses the dirt on the skin, you can use it both at nights and mornings. For that, put  Jojoba carrier oil on a cotton pad and 1 drop of Juniper berry essential oil on it. Cleanse your face, neck and décolletage.

Breathing problems

When you have allergies or your breathing gets stuck from time to time because of anxiety, then Juniper Berry essential oil is very good for you. Juniper berry essential oil helps to breathe, firstly helping to calm you down and them making breathing easier. It’s useful to burn Juniper berry essential oil in an oil lamp, inhale a little from the bottle when you have a panic attack or apply it to the chest with a carrier oil.

Good with arthritis

Helps to reduce inflammation. It’s good to use it to relieve arthritis. Juniper berry is very useful in alternative medicine for that problem. For that, mix 1 teaspoon Jojoba carrier oil with 1-2 drops of Juniper berry essential oil and apply this mixture to the infected area. Juniper berry essential oil helps to direct toxins out of the body and relieve the symptoms of arthritis. 

Removes mental tension

Juniper berry essential oil is a wonderful antidepressant as many essential oils are. This essential oil helps the body and soul to calm down. Burn this in an oil lamp or use it in body care, when you feel you’re nervous and anxious. When you have a panic attack or melancholy, then apply 1 drop of Juniper berry essential oil with a carrier oil to your forehead.

Use it when you wish to lose weight

When you wish to lose weight, stay in shape and not “over-eat” then Juniper berry essential oil will help. Juniper berry essential oil stops the need to constantly eat and reduces appetite. Burn it in an oil lamp, when you want this to reduce the big appetites that direct you to eat and snack. When you have bigger eating problems, you can’t control how much and when you eat, then I have another recipe for you. Mix Juniper berry essential oil with Peppermint essential oil (it has a similar effect). Burn these two in an oil lamp and especially at night time when you generally have a bigger appetite. Burn at least 10-15 drops of essential at once (one alone or two mixed together)

Relieves stomach pains and activates metabolism

It is known that Juniper berry essential oil has the ability to heal the digestive system, helping with normal digestion. Mix 1 tablespoon of Avocado carrier oil with 1-2 drops of Juniper berry essential oil and apply this mixture to your abdomen area. Massage the mixture to your skin, rest and let the pain go away. When you wish, then, instead of 2 drops of Juniper berry essential oil add one drop of Juniper and 1 drop of Mandarin essential oil. Mandarin essential oil is also a wonderful healer for your digestive system and helps to reduce stomach gas.

Blood and toxin cleanser

Juniper berry helps to relieve toxins from the body. It really has such a power and that’s why it’s good to use it in your body care routine from time to time. Apply the mixture of Juniper berry essential oil and a carrier oil all over your body to activate it to release toxins. It's especially useful to keep yourself healthy and prevent different illnesses. 

For that mix 1 teaspoon of Jojoba carrier oil with 2-3 drops of Juniper berry essential oil (remember – when you have sensitive skin, then a smaller amount and this goes for all the essential oils). Mix these oils well together and apply all over your skin. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. You can never put essential oils in your mouth, ears, eyes, lips, nose and other delicate places. When you feel your body starts to itch then always add more carrier oil (without the essential oil) to your body. Carrier oil helps the body to absorb essential oil without harming the skin.

Heals wounds and scars

Juniper berry essential oil helps wounds to heal faster. For that add 1 teaspoon of Jojoba carrier oil with 1 drop of Juniper berry essential oil to the wound that’s already healing (definitely not on the open and fresh wound). It makes the healing process faster and prevents scarring. Be sure to use Jojoba oil for that as it helps to heal wounds and scars. This way you’re using two alternative healers with the same effect at once.

Relieves toothache

When your tooth hurts, gums are swelling or you have an infection then Juniper berry essential oil could be your alternative painkiller. As this essential oil can reduce inflammation, then it could give you more healing than an only soothing toothache. 

For that mix 1 teaspoon of Jojoba carrier oil with one drop of essential oil (use Jojoba as it absorbs quickly and when you use it on your face you can’t let them on mucous membranes). Apply it carefully to the place that hurts. Avoid lips, nose and mucous membranes, be careful. Dab it exactly where you’re hurting the most and do this several times a day. You must not put it into your mouth nor mucous membranes, essential oils are very strong and could cause irritation. The cleaner the essential oil, the stronger. All La Tene essential oils are 100% essential oils.

Scalp cleaner

Most essential oils are good both for the skin and scalp. Juniper berry essential oils deep cleanses the skin and is, therefore, good to be used when you wash your hair. Add this to your shampoo or do a hair mask with a carrier oil. When you use essential oils, for example, Juniper berry essential oil in hair care, then avoid water getting to your eye when you wash as essential oils could harm your eyes. When you’re careful, then Juniper berry can do you a lot of good. Juniper berry essential oil is suitable when you can’t cleanse your scalp fully when you wash your hair or different shampoos don’t suit you and leave a residue behind and that’s why you may feel that your head is constantly dirty after you wash it. Juniper berry essential oil releases residue and stimulates blood circulation that in turn is good for hair growth.

You can also use Juniper berry essential oil in skincare, it helps you to avoid different fungal and bacterial diseases skin can have.


Juniper berry essential oil can be burned in an oil lamp. Instructions for using the lamp can be found on our website. All the oil lamps in our e-shop selection can be found HERE, which contain the information needed on how to use it.

Another option is to apply the essential oil on your skin, but in this case, the essential oil must be mixed with another oil (not with essential oil but base oil), such as carrier oil) for example olivecoconut, almond or jojoba oil. Essential oils can be scorching on the skin and therefore should be applied to the body with another oil. When mixing essential oils with other oils, use just a few drops in the other. Pour as much of water mixed with oil to the oil lamp as strong of aroma you want to feel in the room.

Take a healing bath with Juniper berry essential oil. If you have a bath at home, fill the bath full of water and drip ten drops of essential oil into the bath. Take a bath and enjoy the effect of Juniper berry essential oil. Such a bath is useful both physically and spiritually. Take this healing bath for Juniper berries healing effects to reach your body. 

Mix Juniper berry essential oil with your favourite cream (that has carrier oil), to apply this to your skin when you wish to heal your whole body.

Essential oils can also be used in the sauna. By adding essential oils to the sauna water, you can make a more powerful variety of aura cleaning for yourself and aromatherapy simultaneously. Have a try!

Use Juniper berry essential oil with massage oils or add it to the base oil when doing a massage. In this way, you can get the healing properties of Juniper berry essential oil.


Juniper berry essential oil has a wonderful effect on all the three upper Chakras. When you wish to awaken your upper minds, activate them for your own good, heal or balance, then Juniper berry essential oil can offer this in one bottle. By knowing this it’s good to have a universal upper Chakra healer as this is something that helps to develop your talents, intuition, awareness, spirituality, visions, dreaming and develop the spiritual side.

Burn Juniper berry essential oil in an oil lamp, when you wish or put a few drops mixed with Jojoba carrier oil to your forehead and neck area. 

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All health advice and information are not health care information. It is Tene's own knowledge and personal opinions and recommendations. The use of essential oils is the own responsibility of every person.

Info Juniper berry 100% essential oil (Juniperus Communis) 10 ml, from Macedonia. Transparent essential oil with a very refreshing, earthy and strong aroma. Perfect for people who love Saaremaa. Juniper Essential oil is obtained from the steam distillation.
Caution Do not use undiluted essential oils. Dilute essential oils prior to use on the skin, for example with olive, coconut, almond or jojoba oil. Pregnant and children should use essential oils with extreme caution. Never leave essential oil unattended to the reach of children and do not use them internally! Do know if the given essential oil is suitable for your skin or not, try it on a small patch of your skin first. For that, take a carrier oil (coconut, olive, almond or jojoba), mix it with a few drops of essential oil and apply it to your wrist. Let it stay there for a few minutes and then wash it off. After that, you'll see how your skin reacts. When redness appears, then you should not use this essential oil on your skin. When there is no reaction, then your body will accept the healing properties of this essential oil.
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