We are all born in a certain zodiac sign, or constellation, which is determined by our date of birth. Our zodiac sign is determined by the constellation of stars that are currently influencing the sun. But there is an intermediate time, or transition, where the sun begins to be influenced by the stars of another constellation and thus begins the beginning of a new zodiac. The transition period lasts for several days, and souls born during this zodiac cusp carry slightly different energy than those born under the full influence of the zodiac sign. Are you a zodiac cusp?




If you were born between the 19th of July and the 25th of July, you carry the effects of the second zodiac sign. If you were born July 19-23, you are a Cancer Leo influence. If your date of birth is between July 23rd and July 25th, you are a Leo with Cancer influence. This means that you carry with you, to a certain extent, the characteristics of both Cancer and Leo, as well as those that the transition has given you. You also belong to a completely separate zodiac called Cancer-Leo.


If you were born during the Cancer and Leo zodiac cusp signs, you carry with you the sensitivity of Cancer and the dramatic expression of the Leo.


Cancer is very sensitive in nature and Leo very expressive, and during the zodiac cusp of these two zodiac signs, people, whose self-expression is amplified, are born This person is more dramatic than others and needs to show their feelings more than other Cancer or Leo, be it joy, sadness or some other emotion. So, this person can seem very emotional to others, both in good and bad terms, depending on the situation.


In addition to being emotional, Cancer-Leo has many ups and downs, most of which take place in his soul. He is constantly looking for something better, something more powerful, he is very ambitious and often creates a big picture of how life should be, in other words, sets many boundaries and high expectations for himself. Setting the same high expectations can often crush him and instantly drop him down from the top of his ambition. There is a constant struggle within him for positivity and negativity, all because of the transition from a negative water element to a positive solar element. In general, the female Cancer-Leos are more expressive of their sudden changes in mood than the men in this zodiac cusp. However, this does not mean that men do not have such a thing in their soul - they are just a little more closed and can leave that emotion to themselves.


Cancer is a bit shy by nature and always wants to get things done smoothly, Leo is bold, confident and loud, so the Cancer Leo zodiac cusp gives impulsive courage. Cancer -Leos can get easily upset without explaining to themselves whether there was any need to be upset. Cancer gives the vulnerability and the Leo a quick reaction, so the Cancer-Leo can instantly explode and instantly fade away and discover during the dispute that he was wrong. So, if you are in a relationship with a Cancer-Leo, you must forgive him for such emotional statements.


Love is very important to the Cancer-Leo zodiac cusp, and the Leos born during this time are more romantic lovers than other Leos. This attribute has been given to him by the romantic Cancer. It is very important for the Cancer-Leo to find the right soul beside him, that is his purpose. Cancer-Leo will be miserable if he is not surrounded by love, love is what feeds him, and its absence can lead him to the brink of depression. But home is his security and he wants to build a strong home around his love.


For Cancer-Leo, I give you one recommendation - to find a balance in your life. Cancer-Leo is sometimes very unstable, but he can do it if he doesn't focus so much on himself. Cancer-Leo must be constantly in action and not be left thinking about his life for too long. It would be a disaster because he could beat himself up in half an hour, same time boost so high that the ego wouldn't fit in the same room with him. He needs constant action, moving around, socializing, and being part of a company as a balancing act for the Cancer-Leo. This is also the reason why they are constantly and impatiently looking for a way out of one activity to another. It is their intuition that says, "Do not stay long in one place."


The biggest challenge for the Cancer-Leo is finding balance and overcoming his own powerful emotions. Often these people have more stress and emotional tension than other Cancer and Leo, but these Cancers are much more confident and courageous than other Cancers and Leos more romantic than other Leo. Thus, the zodiac cusp adds both good qualities and disadvantages.


The Cancer-Leo balancing crystal is Aqua Aura. This is their personal crystal of happiness, in addition to the crystals that are common to Cancer and Leo. Aqua Aura is the crystal that helps the Cancer-Leo to always be positive and blocks stress in him. The Aqua Aura could be carried by the Cancer-Leo or kept beside his bed as it balances his energy fields.


The sun, stars, and other celestial bodies have so much influence over our Earth and everything here. When we are born, our Aura captures all the energy that is being directed from the various celestial bodies to the Earth.