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ACTINOLITE QUARTZ is one of the most interesting quartz combinations. In the Earth`s ground the Actinolite crystal is being combined with Rock Crystal. It is a crystal that has the power of two crystals. This crystal may look from transparent to greyish-green in shade. Actinolite has greyish and sometimes greenish tone. Actinolite Quartz is very multi-coloured and therefore each crystal may look different. The Actinolite Quartz comes primarily from Zambia, but it can be found in many different places around the world. 

The main attribute of Actinolite is to increase the Aura and make its energy more powerful. Quartz or Rock Crystal can clean Aura or eliminate the harmful energy from the Aura. If those two crystals are combined then a very strong and powerful Aura cleaner, enhancer, and healer crystal is formed.

Keep Actinolite Quartz in the middle of herbal tea jars, so that the Actinolite Quartz would help maintain the power of healing from herbs and to keep them active if one day you need to use them for your own healing.

The Actinolite Quartz has one interesting feature, which is keeping the agreements made between souls. This means that if you are using or wearing this crystal as a talisman/jewellery then it will help the right souls to come into your life. Actinolite Quartz will help you subconsciously find those right people that you need to meet in this life and will help you to understand what kind of soul-sharing agreement you are dealing with.

Home protection

Actinolite Quartz is suitable to be kept near the front door for protection. It would be especially good, if home protection crystal set would already be there. Actinolite Quartz is helping to keep away people who deliberately wish evil to a family.

It is a crystal that protects family from bad luck, curses and violent people. It is especially useful to keep Actinolite Quartz at the front door of the house when some family member, who doesn’t live in the house, wishes evil to the family. Maybe daughter in law is not liked by her husband’s mother or something similar. Actinolite Quartz helps to deal with those people that are difficult to keep away from their lives.

Home cleaning

Actinolite Quartz is good to be kept in the middle of home cleaning crystal set, and next to Rock Crystal geode, to keep home energy clean. Actinolite Quartz is very well suited at home to keep home`s Aura efficient. While building a home, this crystal is good to be hidden inside the foundation to create a powerful energy for the house. Actinolite Quartz will help all other energies to move quickly, helps all the rituals, crystals and plants to work together.

Keep Actinolite Quartz together in a box with Palo Santo wood or Sage, to preserve the power of these plants. If you use one of these plants at home during the Moon phase cleaning, you need to treat them with dignity. Actinolite Quartz can keep the plants vivid and efficient.

Visions of previous lives

Actinolite Quartz can bring you prophetic visions if you use the crystal correctly. The correct way to use this crystal is to add Actinolite Quartz with other crystals that bring visions. Add this crystal to your astral journey set. There can be a lot of Actinolite Quartz crystals in this set so that it could send that energy to your Aura through other crystals. Actinolite Quartz opens your mind for visions of the past lives. It helps to bring visions about your personality, that you have had previously, through your dreams, so you can better understand your karma.

If you wish to get specific answers about your past lives, it would be good to wear it the night when you will focus on that question while falling asleep. To do this, wear Actinolite Quartz talisman at your neck and before sleeping ask your soul a question and see what you are shown at night. Actinolite Quartz talisman you can find HERE.

Angel crystals' activator

Keep Actinolite Quartz among the crystals you use for contacting your Angels. If you already have a set of crystals, where you have many different Angel crystals, then Actinolite Quartz fits there perfectly. It's a crystal that activates Angel crystals. 


To use Actinolite Quartz for healing, you need to make water elixir from it or wear it as a jewellery.

- Actinolite Quartz is a universal healer, helping the entire Aura to be set, cleaned and healed. It can be used to treat and prevent any disease. If you are healthy and wearing that crystal, it will help keep away all illnesses. It keeps a protective shield around your Aura, which does not allow you to get sick. Actinolite Quartz is associated with the healing of all Chakras.

You can read about instructions on how to prepare the water elixir HERE.

Charge on geodes only crystals that are in direct contact with your body.

Actinolite Quartz can be charged on or beside Aragonite geode when you’re not wearing it. Clean it at least once a month with Sandalwood incense or Nutmeg essential oil or Sandalwood essential oil

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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