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KYANITE tumbled
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KYANITE  is a very beautiful looking crystal with an indigo blue tone. Kyanite is a multicoloured crystal with blue shadows. Kyanite got its name from the Greek word for "blue". The main sources of Kyanite are India, Burma, Italy and Austria. In addition, Kyanite can also be found in the USA and Mexico. The main function of the Kyanite is to open up your higher minds to perceive energy and help clean your Chakras. Kyanite is also found in other tones, but then their energies are slightly different.

Kyanite is the creator of the spiritual path and the gate. This crystal has the ability to create a path of what you dreamed about and that so far has been unreachable to you. It is worn and used for communication between souls. For example, Kyanite creates an ability to go to astral journey and experience what one has not experienced before. 

Kyanite will fascinate you when it is your time to spiritually grow. It will start to appeal to you in a period where you have the right time to strengthen your intuition or, for example, to interact with your Angels. Kyanite takes you deep into the energy level, teaching you first of all to listen to yourself and giving you the power to perceive energies.

Kyanite is a strong Third Eye energy restorer, healer and repairer. It is very useful to keep Kyanite close to you, wear it in a jewellery or keep it close to the pillow. Kyanite helps you learn to listen to yourself and find answers from yourself. People are constantly looking for answers from the outside, far away, and always forgetting that all answers are actually within ourselves. Kyanite helps to look inward, and it teaches you to read your own "book of destiny"

Kyanite helps you to contact the souls and above all with your own guide. The soul of a guide is who watches your back and makes sure that you are always on the right track. Preventing you from making bigger mistakes and bringing you to the places where you are supposed to be. If we have a strong contact with our guide, we will always move in the right direction. In order for Kyanite to do this with you, I recommend that you put Kyanite close to your bed, and it would be even better if you had a set of separate crystals for contacting souls and Angels. Keep Kyanite among other similar crystals. 

Kyanite is a crystal that increases loyalty, faithfulness, respect, and goodwill. It is a crystal that teaches you such valuable qualities. In fact, these are the qualities that we, one day, may need to learn, so that we can go to a higher level in our lives. These features open the channels of abundance and love. If you use, Kyanite or keep it in your home or in different crystal sets, then this same will quietly teach you. 

Kyanite is one of the most important crystals a person to have, who wants to open intuitively, become even more spiritual and increase the various ways to get to know the world better and to receive the visions. If other intuition crystals are used as jewellery, the pendulum, then the ability of the Kyanite is the strongest. Kyanite helps to see other dimensions, foster the astral journeys, helps you get better responses from the pendulum, and speeds up any intuitive activity. Kyanite is compatible with other intuition crystals, suitable for Angel sets, which are placed next to the bed and suitable for nightly travels kept under the pillow. Kyanite is one of the few crystals that really need not to be cleaned, because it has a great deal of spirituality inside it and it gives energy rather than pulls in. Kyanite is suitable as the intuition crystal for children, since its effect is mild and balanced. If the child has an "invisible friend", then Kyanite will be suitable to be kept under the pillow, but at the same time it's good to have a Jet, on the window, to prevent bad souls from communicating. 

The melancholy of Indigo souls

Kyanite and Iolite can balance the Indigo souls' stress, depression, melancholia, and suicidal tendencies. These two crystals help Indigo get out of negativity and heal its melancholy. These crystals could be worn or used by the Indigo souls when they are in stress and depression. You can read HERE About the Indigo souls melancholy mind.

"Children who are afraid of communicating"

Kyanite is well-known for communicating crystal that heals communication problems and helps people to be more social. A lot of children have a problem with communication, courage and making friends. Kyanite is one of the crystals that helps with this problem.

To the child with such a problem, I recommend to wear Kyanite jewellery. Another option is to keep Kyanite in the pocket of the child's jacket, on the school desk, in a school bag or near the bed. Kyanite heals the child's Throat Chakra problems and helps quietly get out of this problem. 

Contacting the souls - If you want to contact your missing relatives, then combine Kyanite with Angelite and bring them to the cemetery. Angelite is donated to the grave, and Kyanite is kept in hand at the same time when sending a message to the lost soul.

The ritual of remembering the past with the Kyanite - Relax and place Kyanite directly on the forehead right on the third eye, hold your left hand index finger in the middle of Kyanite, and ask yourself with closed eyes "Show me this period" and wait for the thoughts to come to your mind.

Children's communication with other children and popularity - Kyanite is recommended to be carried by children who are not very popular in school and who are not particularly keen to be communicated with. Kyanite acts as an attraction enhancer, helping to create good friendships and speed up communication skills.


Kyanite helps to eliminate self-destructive behavior and so-called vicious circle. To do this, you need to carry Kyanite with you, especially useful for people with alcohol, tobacco or other addiction. Kyanite helps to eliminate self-pity, self-criticism and self-humiliation.


Opening the third eye - ombine different intuition crystals such as, Kyanite with Lasurite, Sodalite, Iolite, Scolesite, Amethyst and Rock Crystal and carry them in jewelry or in a pocket. The combination of these crystals accelerates the spiritual opening.

Opening the third eye with a water elixir - Combine tumbled Kyanite, Iolite and Sodalite and keep them in the water for a couple of hours, then drink the water and begin to predict. You can also drink it before going to bed to see your vision through sleep.

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