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CARNELIAN chips (ca 60g)

CARNELIAN chips (ca 60g)
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CARNELIAN is a crystal of activity, vitality and energy. Carnelian is an orange-reddish crystal that could have a transparent reddish colour to bright orange colour. Carnelian is one of the best crystals used for healing the Aura as it has the ability to give the necessary energy that helps to get rid of different problems. Carnelian is mainly found from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru and Uruguay. The first reason why Carnelian was started to wear as a talisman was that it helped to go into the next lives without any bigger Karma debts - and Carnelian has this ability to this day as it has the ability to solve Karma in this life, and to understand why this or that thing is sent into our life.

CHIPS are small pieces of crystals, but they have exactly the same effects as the crystal, they simply are a lot smaller. Chips crystals are good to be used for candle holders, it is good to add crystals on them as they will start to heal the atmosphere and Aura of the home together. Every crystal has its own power when you bring it together with different candles and magic candles.


- Carnelian chips have the ability to increase the positivity in the home’s Aura field, the wish to fulfil yourself, the wish to be active, love, the wish to love and share the love.

- Make a base with chips crystals and Citrine geodes with an orange candle, to take out the energy that prevents the home or people there to be happy.

- Set Carnelian chips on the plant-soil in the Southern room of the home or simply make a beautiful crystal base with them. Carnelian releases the worries above love and raises life energy at home.

- Carnelian crystal has always sympathised to me, it looks really beautiful and its colour is really pretty. Carnelian is a crystal of new beginnings like Mookaite. Carnelian helps to make your life better and bring new possibilities into your life for creating a better life. Carnelian gives you vitality, energy and motivation. The crystal that directs you to act and work towards the better. The crystal that gives you the necessary energy charge so that you could move towards your dreams.

Carnelian is a crystal with a magnet inside of it. The magnet that has the ability to attract all kind of good opportunities, positivity, joyfulness, good people, success, prosperity and richness. Carnelian can make quite a few negatives in your life into positives. Give Carnelian the possibility to make your life more beautiful.

- This because Carnelian carries a lot of energy within that helps to get rid of the main energy blockages. It has the ability to inject energy into your soul allowing good luck to even get to you. Therefore, besides Rock Crystal, it's one of the most useful first crystals

- Carnelian finishes any kind of deadlocks in life, it’s a crystal that constantly helps to make your life better. By wearing Carnelian or using it in any other way, this crystal helps to attract only success in your life.

- Carnelian is a crystal that makes the person passionate, increasing passion for a life towards every direction, helping to be more passionate in relationships, work and simply in your everyday activities. The more Carnelian there is in your home, the more energy you have.

Different chips crystals can be combined to get even more special energy, every combination, in turn, has a special power and effect over your home. Be sure to add a candle on the base for the crystals to activate them to change the Aura of the home.


Black Tourmaline and Carnelian chips kept together increase the home energy, protect the job and business, to protect your ideas and relationship. Suits for adding to different crystal sets. Keep it together with Zanzibar Gem on the Southern corner of the home to heal the relations in the family, especially between the man and woman.

Amethyst in combination with Carnelian helps with creativity, making the energy at home more active, that is it helps the energies at home to move faster.

With Citrine goes for activating the Southern corner of the home, and for the same thing you could also add Red Jasper. Goes with Citrine for activating the corner of prosperity, for the base crystals of a money box, on the soil of a Jade tree or Zanzibar´s Gem for activating the channel of prosperity. Also goes with Green Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye for the same cause.

Hematite suits together when it’s wished to increase the energy, vitality and ambition of people living in the home.

Green Aventurine and Carnelian go together for material purposes and I recommend adding Tiger’s Eye beside them. These chips can be used for opening the prosperity channel in the South-East corner, they can be kept on the soil of a prosperity plant, like Baobab or Zanzibar Gem.

Moonstone and Carnelian match when fertility or love energy is wished to be increased. You can also add Rose Quartz there.

Red Jasper goes with Carnelian for amplifying love energy. You can also add Amber, Garnet, Moonstone and also Rose Quartz.

Rock Crystal, in turn, will amplify the effect of this crystal.

Rose Quartz and Carnelian go together for improving fertility or increasing love energy. Moonstone could also be added.

Rutilated Quartz with Carnelian helps to free the energy that causes fights, unnecessary words, bickering and bullying from the household.

Shungite with Carnelian helps to bring quick healing to a family when you keep it in the Eastern room.

Amber goes with Carnelian for amplifying love energy. You can also add Granite, Carnelian, Moonstone and Rose Quartz.

Granite goes with Carnelian for amplifying love energy. You could also add Amber, Carnelian, Moonstone and also Rose Quartz.

Peridot with Carnelian open the energy channel that releases the stress stuck at home. They go together when you live in an old house where energies are standing still. Also suitable for a home where no one has lived for a long period and the house has been empty for a while.

Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian go together for financial purposes, I recommend adding Green Aventurine to them. These chips can be used for opening the prosperity channel in the South-East corner, they can be kept on the soil of a prosperity plant, like Baobab or Zanzibar Gem.

Snow Quartz and Carnelian create a very good combination with the ability to make one focus on reaching the purpose. Suitable for a child’s room for studying.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Carnelian increases blood circulation and transfusion. It would be good to wear this crystal when you have problems with blood flow. Carnelian helps with cleaning and restoring blood, and also helps to absorb iron from plants better. Carnelian is strongly related to the bloodstream and therefore it’s very useful for regulating blood pressure. Suitable for everyone with blood pressure problems.

- Carnelian helps the body to absorb vitamins, helping also alternative medicine to react faster in the body and get good results. Wear Carnelian when you do alternative healing on yourself or are letting a professional do that.

- I recommend Carnelian for people who have no appetite or who do not wish to eat healthily. Carnelian works better with a cause like this when you wear it as a talisman or earrings. In addition to this, it’s useful to wear with Carnelian Apatite, with a very strong healing power that helps to direct you towards healthier eating habits.

- Carnelian is a fertility crystal that is worn in order to get pregnant, to heal fertility problems, or when it’s wanted to protect the unborn child from different health problems. Carnelian is a crystal that helps to increase fertility in both men and women. In addition to fertility, Carnelian helps to increase libido and helps men to get rid of problems with impotence.

- Carnelian improves healthy sexuality and when the person is not sexual in his soul then it helps him to become one. In addition, Carnelian helps to understand your orientation, helps to let go of sexual traumas and problems that prevent person sexuality.

- Carnelian helps to get rid of exhaustion, tiredness, is useful for keeping away spring and autumn fatigue. Carnelian fills the body and spirit with energy, vitality and power that helps to be strong. Carnelian increases physical and mental energy at the same time.

Carnelian works better for healing when you wear it as jewellery or make yourself water-elixir from the tumbled crystal. It’s also good to use Carnelian massage spheres that you can find from HERE.


Carnelian heals the Sacral Chakra and helps to let go of its energy blockages so that you could be creative and ambitious. Carnelian helps to heal the Sacral Chakra illnesses, for example, to get rid of problems with infertility.


Carnelian is a luck crystal for a VIRGO ♍ that helps him to reach his goals and is really helpful for work-related dreams coming true. It's his strongest health crystal, helping to get rid of stress and avoid it. In addition, Carnelian is a crystal to lif the mood, enhance ambition and to feel better.  It’s very useful for a Virgo to keep Carnelian in his birth crystal set.

In addition to Virgo Carnelian is also very useful for ARIES ♈. Carnelian is the perfect work success crystal for Aries that will motivate him, bring success and helps to seek out a suitable profession. Carnelian helps Aries in situations where he has to worry about money or his well-being because he has a deep-rooted wish to financially secure. In addition, Carnelian brings about all his positive character traits. It’s useful to keep Carnelian in his birth crystal set, as it helps to keep his motivation high for most of his life and, in general, to bring constant luck into his life.


Carnelian brings good luck to everyone born on the 30th. The purpose of those being born on this date is to create the ultimate balance between the earthly and the spiritual. Carnelian helps to do this by increasing good luck at work, energy of wealth and a positive attitude towards life. It is a crystal of luck that helps to create and enjoy luxury so that spiritual growth also exists at the same time. Carnelian protects against financial and prosperous misfortune by helping to ensure good earthly luck for those born on the 30th. Keep Carnelian close to you, carry it with you, keep it in the birth crystal box or in your own home. I also recommend gifting this crystal to those born on the 30th! 

According to numerology, Carnelian brings a lot of good luck, and especially material luck to people born under the life path number 5.

Chips crystals are cleaned with Sage ritual plant.

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