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All geodes are unique and unique in appearance. Which means, that the geode you order, looks slightly different from the geode presented in the picture. All geodes are created by Earth.    

Celectite is a light blue, fragile crystal that has a very high energy vibration, with which it forwards the guidance given by fate. It is a crystal that is nowadays beneficial for all those who want to improve and heal the "world" or themselves. Celectite is a crystal that helps to find a way to healing, find a way to find oneself spiritually and learn about your own destiny. Celectite is all about spirituality and is a very good helper for anyone who wants to learn about their intuition, senses, sense of one's own body, and everything else that is spiritual.

Celectite is found mainly in geodesic form, but it is also polished. Celectite is very fragile, which means that it is not recommended to be kept inside the water or exert too much pressure on it. Preferably, keep Celectite in crystal sets.

Celectite is mined in quite a few places and is found in Libya, Mexico, Egypt, Peru and my very favourite crystal land – Madagascar. Most of our Celectite is from Africa and Madagascar.

Celectite is one of the crystals that must be in my home everywhere, this is a universal crystal for me, if you want to live in a spiritual growth. I have it everywhere, on the flowers, in different crystal sets and just by itself on a cabinet doing its work. This crystal is one of the main ones that I use to get my spiritual inspiration and write my own articles.

This crystal has the ability to bring Angels to the house, invite them to the house, bring near you, and invite you to your Aura. I wrote an article"INVITING ANGELS TO YOUR AURA AND HOME", which you can find HERE. Celectite belongs to this set of crystals, it has the ability to bring the protection of the Angels.


Celectite is suitable to be kept in the bedroom separately. This is because Celectite has the ability to establish a strong telepathic link between you and your Angel/Angels. This connection will help to bring you different number combinations as a message that you should listen to. The one who has been following me, knows that the constant seeing of the same numbers is a message from your own Angel, and each number carries a different message that we should listen to when seeing them. For the number combinations I have written about, you can read HERE.


Celectite belongs to the set of dream crystals. Keep Celectite exactly next to your bed or overhead under your mattress. This is to enable Celectite to bring you prophetic visions through sleep. Celectite will help you remember the dreams and help you learn to explain your dreams to yourself.


For example, keep Celectite inside the pendulum bag, inside the pendulum box, with the prediction cards, and be sure to keep it in the crystal-prediction set to provide more accurate answers. When working with a pendulum, the pendulum will require additional crystals that help the pendulum to be powerful and to stop directing the answers from you.


If you want to send a lot of good and positive wishes to someone, then Celectite will be given to this person. When gifting Celectite, be sure to think through everything in your head, all the good you want to pass on, and keep that crystal in your hand at the same time as thinking about it.


For the healing purposes, jewellery is made from Celectite (water elixir is not made from this crystal).

- Heals stress, depression, anxiety disorders, irregular work of the lymphs, heals nerves and helps to get rid of constant nervousness.

- Increases belief in living, gives vitality and is very useful to those who have lost hope.

- Suitable for people who feel that everything in life is going downhill, Celectite helps to bring good luck and light into situations that only seem to knock down.


Celectite geode is with peaks, which has energetically a higher value than the usual Celectite crystal. The geodes of Celectite are used to transmit the power of Celectite to the environment, to heal the environment, to fill the human Aura with Angel light and to charge the crystals.

Celectite geode is with a very high spiritual level, which carries eternal peace to people close to the crystal and alleviates stress in the environment in which it exists.

Celectite geode is a very useful power crystal for those who want to get in touch with Angels and communicate with their lost loved ones. It is a crystal that opens your minds, strengthens your intuition and teaches you to listen to your intuition.

Use Celectite geode in your bedroom to see the Angels and get prophetic visions through dreams. To do this, put Celectite geode beside your bed or under the bed. If you have crystals that will open you to see vision, then Celectite geode is ideally suited among these crystals.

Geodes are used to amplify other crystals and to guide its power to the environments and to the human's soul. Celectite geode is ideally suited to such crystal sets that relate to Angels, visions, dreams, astral journeys, intuition, peace and good sleep.

Keep Celectite geode next to your own or family members bedside to heal sleep disorder and relieve him of stress.
When a new house is built, Celectite geodes are placed in each corner of the house and hidden inside the wall or floor. Celestite geodes in the corners of the house create an Angel network that helps to keep protective Angels always around your and your family's life.

Strengthening your intuition and capturing your visions possible if you fill your home with Celectite geodes. If you love crystals and you want to dive completely into this world, it would be good if your household had as many different geode crystals as possible. Geodes are those that control the energy of all other crystals and healing elements in the household. Celectite geode transforms your home into a spiritual oasis where your intuition becomes stronger and you can magnify your "spiritual self-personality".

A useful crystal for writers, helping to boost creativity and write your thoughts on the paper as you want them to write. Celectite helps to write smooth and fluent thoughts from within.


Celectite geode is a very necessary crystal if you are dealing with pendulum predictions or you use it for healing purposes. Celectite is a universal pendulum charger to keep pendulum on until you need to use it again. Celectite geode has the ability to keep the pendulum "viable", helping it gather power to help you. If you are using a pendulum, you will also use its energy. Now you need a geode that will help recover the power of the pendulum crystal. If you keep your pendulum on the Celectite geode, then you are keeping it in working order.


Celectite geode is used to create the "charging altar", and this geode is needed there in order to amplify your crystal jewellery. Celectite geode is used to charge the Angel, seeing vision, dreams, astral journey, intuition, peace and good sleep crystals.

If you wear a crystal for these purposes, it's good if you have a Celectite geode to charge this jewellery.

Celectite geode loves ritual plants and incense, it must be cleaned once a month, and it is also sufficient if you burn some ritual plants in the middle of the jewellery.

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